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We were invited to attend a wedding reception on Friday. This was the wedding of Joseph, our son's friend that he's known since primary school. He is 19 years old.

For reasons I'll not bore you with Tom moved to a different high school to a lot of his friends so it's fair to say that he lost contact during his older teenage years, which was a bit sad, they did communicate through social media every now and then which is what kept them in touch by a thread really. We also knew lots of the parents of Tom's friends too and got together occasionally but when they all lost contact, so did we. We were chuffed to bits, no, touched, is the right word, that they wanted to invite all of us to share their special day.

Too young to be getting married you're thinking. That's exactly what we said too, even though we got married at 22, but back then it was what a lot of people did. Nowadays, most people tend to wait a while longer, doing things single people do before tying the knot and settling down. But not Joseph and Bethany. They looked so in love and when asked (outright by Tom) they said that although it's young they just felt it was right. They still want to travel and enjoy life but knew they wanted to share it all together.

Here's the happy couple.
As I'm sure you can tell the wedding had a bit of a vintage theme going on. The reception was held in the most beautiful country village hall which set the tone for their theme perfectly. There was bunting galore, wooden tables and chairs which spilled outside too (it helped that it was a glorious sunny evening) and flowers in beer bottles! 
There was a scrumptious cold buffet which would have been more than enough but we were told that on entering the hall we were to locate our envelope (one each) that was hanging from ribbons by miniature pegs (very cute). Inside were little old fashioned cinema-style tickets which we could exchange for lots of exciting extras. Candy Floss, pick & mix, popcorn, strawberries and cream, and also a voucher to take along to the burger stall outside, not serving your average burger, oh no, but game burgers and pork and apple, delish. So the boys told me anyway, I don't eat burgers.
It was quite surreal to see Joe and all Tom's other primary school buddies all grown up, it doesn't seem like five minutes since they were all tearing around the playground and going round to each others houses for tea after school!! Oh how time flies.

It's safe to say everyone had a great time. It wasn't your big budget wedding that so many couples strive for these days. It was what Joseph and Bethany wanted, everyone chipped in and pulled together, the little touches made it memorable and it was special.

It was super nice too for us to catch up with the parents that we hadn't seen for so long. The 'kids' vowed to keep in touch and us parents are going to arrange a long overdue get together.

So Joseph and Bethany, thank you once again for inviting us and hope you're enjoying your honeymoon in Paris.

Sorry for the rubbish photos by the way (taken on my phone) but bit hard to do when you have one arm in a sling!!!!

Oh and I'll leave you with this photo of me filling my face with yet more candy floss on the way out of the building!



  1. The wedding looked fab. Love the theme! The bride and groom look so grown up and happy! Wishing them all the best. And I want some of your candy floss!!! x x

  2. Stephanie Canham12 May 2014 at 06:24

    It was a lovely evening, just sooooo young. but hey, they're happy. I'll send your candy floss in the post! x


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