Event 2 Mayday Bank holiday

We spent Saturday night whooping and a hollering at a surprise party for my father-in-law's 80th birthday and retirement. Yes, retirement at 80. Got some energy in him that one to keep on working until that ripe old age!

The party was held at the Royal British Legion. Bless him. He thought he was attending a World War II event. Doreen had fooled him right good and proper.

We were all there, hiding behind the shutters,Vera Lynn playing in the background to put him off the scent and all that. Quite frankly I was worried he'd have a heart attack or something when we all shouted SURPRIIIIIISE, quickly followed by a rendition of Happy Birthday, but no, I can confirm he's fit and well and still raring to go.

Here he is with his wonderful wifey Doreen and his fave tipple in hand! I said tipple!!!!!!!
And with their children.
A selection of grandchildren and great-grandchild. Although the two old boys on the right that have photo bombed, I don't think they're grandchildren are they?
I was trying to hide behind that big balloon but damn, couldn't get away with it!
Two brothers married two sisters!
My two gorgeous off spring with Grandad and Grandma.
I looked around the room and there were so many faces from our extended family that I hadn't seen in ages, years really, it's the usual meet up at parties, weddings and funerals isn't it. One minute someone has a baby, the next time we see them they're a bloomin mini adult!

Sorry for the crappy photos yet again, I'm rubbish one handed.

Ron's sons and daughters did an amazing job with the buffet, delish, and decorating the room. All the walls were plastered with photos of him. Here are some snaps of the birthday boy from the olden days!!!! Could only show the decent ones on here.
Music played, not that anyone really listened or danced much, they were too busy chattering the night away, catching up on times past and present, remembering the good old days and asking each other where all those years had gone.

Family, we shouldn't leave it so long next time. 

Ron couldn't believe that so many people had turned up for him. Family, friends and work colleagues, every single one there because they love you.




  1. Sounds like a brill party! And your father in law looks really good for 80! So nice having a family gathering - families don't get together enough! x x

  2. Stephanie Canham12 May 2014 at 06:01

    It's always the same with family though isn't it, you say we must make more of a effort and even though we all live really close we never do but we do treasure the rare occasions we do! x


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