I hate my freckles

All through my teenage years my mum would always tell me that freckles are a sign of beauty. Really? Well I hated them and I still bloody do! Perhaps hate is a bit strong but I dislike them very very much! I have freckles on my face, arms and the lower half of my legs, the only place I don't have them is my torso.

The above image of the side of my face is when I have a little foundation on.

The ones on my arms are not too prominent yet as they've seen no sun!
I remember being on holiday as a child and my face being covered with them but I didn't mind at all then. It's when I got into my teenage years that I really started to hate them and was ridiculously conscious of them. One uncle would joke that he could do dot-to-dot with all the freckles on my face and get me to keep still so he could count them, thanks for that!  I covered myself with heavy makeup every day in the hope that my face would look like everyone else's at school. Vanity is such a cruel beast.

I've grown to accept them more but I think that's got something to do with the fact that the ones on my face have faded somewhat as I've gotten older. I've accepted them, I don't love them.

I love to sit in the sun (safely of course) but hate the fact that these ugly brown dots seem to double the minute they see the sunshine. I love it though when I sit in the sun for the first time of the year and fresh freckles appear on my nose, why oh why can't I just have those lovely ones and no others?  I'll often walk around in the summer looking at people with strappy tops on, wanting their clear freckle-less skin but know that will never happen. I hate the ones on my arms the most.

My son and daughter have freckles on their faces, thanks to me. They don't have them all year round, it's the sun that brings them out. Emily doesn't like hers either but that's not because she's heard anything from me. I've always told her she looks beautiful with them and she's absolutely does.

There was a time when you would never see a model on a magazine or runway covered in freckles. Why not? I thought they were a sign of beauty after all? If that were true they'd be on every cover. But over the last few years its happened. Look at Jade Thompson who won Britain and Ireland's next top model. I look at her and all the others and see that they are beautiful women with freckles like me. I don't mean I look like a model with freckles, I obviously don't, the only resemblance are the dots on our faces!

And just look at this fabulous photo of this beautiful girl, WITH freckles!
Image credit: Belovodchenko Anton

In the summer I try to cover mine even more as they start to multiply. I wish I didn't but I do and I know I always will. I think if you've got freckles you either love them or hate them. I know how I feel. I applaud you if you embrace your freckles, just wish I could. If I really think about it nobody probably even notices them as much as I do so why can't I get over it? 

Do you have freckles? Do you love them? Do you dislike them like me? Is there anyone out there that doesn't have them but would like them? Please get in touch via the Disqus comments box and let me know, I'm sure lots of you will have an opinion on this.


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