My Titanic Spa experience

In September my friend and I booked ourselves into the the Titanic Spa for an overnight break. Excited doesn't cover it. I'd heard great things from another friend who went there on her daughters hen do and ever since then I've been desperate to pay them a visit. I'd signed up to their regular newsletters and when an amazing offer dropped into my inbox it was too good to refuse. It was quite short notice so I asked Sarah if she'd be interested. A no-brainer for her, she's been to quite a few spa's and told me to book right away!

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Titanic, the UK's first Eco spa, might I add, is located in an old textile mill, in a lovely secluded spot on the edge of the Pennines.

We arrived on a Monday morning, arrival was from 10.30am and we arrived on the dot, we didn't want to waste a single minute. Although most of the apartments were booked, (I asked) the reception area wasn't swamped with guests and we were checked in swiftly by a really polite and friendly member of the reception team. We were relieved of our overnight bags, handed our robes and slippers and taken on a tour of the facilities. 

The reception area is quite light, airy and spacious with the shops products on display at the far end. The most divine, relaxing fragrance hits you the minute you walk through those doors and my shoulders started to ease on down from their usual place, around my ears, straight away!

At this point I'm going to let you into a little secret. I've never been to spa like this, you know, soooo luxurious and where you can stay overnight!  I've been to small day spa's for the odd treatment but that's it. 

Tour over we headed to the changing rooms, robed up and slid our weary feet into the slippers. Tea and coffee was on offer for arriving guests so we sat for refreshments and chatted about what to do first, very loosely may I add, as this was a day with no plan or routine, just about going where our mood took us. After coffee and a chat we were off on our mission to become all chilled out and zen like. To be honest, the minute I put on my dressing gown and slippers I already felt better and all cosy!

Everywhere you go your mind is soothed with the most relaxing music, candles flicker in all the hallways and tiny spaces, the fab aromatherapy smell drifts into your mind and you can feel all your everyday stresses being washed away.  

We headed to the heat and ice experience first of all where your body is heated and then cooled by a series of experiences in different rooms. I've never been a fan of saunas but boy these were so amazing. I didn't get any shots of these or treatments etc as I couldn't take any camera in for obvious reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed every room and one in particular was my favourite, the aromatherapy room. The experience itself wasn't rammed with people but this room was always full and we did have to wait to get in this one. Worth it though. Another favourite of mine was the ice cold plunge pool.

We were given our schedule when we arrived and our lunch was booked for 12.30. 

Source:Google images/brochure
I've shown a snippet of the menus but these will obviously change on a regular basis.

I grabbed my phone from my locker at lunchtime but only took a couple of snaps as I was so hungry, food had to come first! I opted for the goats cheese tartlet and Sarah had the pasta. We were greedy and also had the side orders of ciabatta with dipping oils and buttered new potatoes! 

The food was simply delicious, washed down with a glass of fizz each, and why not? We couldn't fault the service and the food was piping hot which is an absolute must for me. I cannot stand just warm food. 

We took our satisfied and very full bellies off to the relaxation lounge next. You know that feeling of wanting a snooze after your Sunday lunch, well that's exactly how we felt. This dimly lit room, again with piped music to help you relax and drift off, is littered with huge bean bags, beds, and loungers. It's so quiet and when you walk in you feel like you're waking everyone up. It's quite dark too, so tip toeing and whispering to each other we located free bean beans and went off to the land of nod for a good half hour. Pure bliss. 

We went for a swim in the pool, had a blast in the Jacuzzi, and tried out the sauna in the pool area too. I think the only area we didn't venture into was the gym!! Why get all hot and bothered? 

Source:Google images/brochure
We managed to get outside too as the weather was kind to us, the sun actually came out! Although the area's not huge there's plenty of comfy seating. This pic doesn't do it much justice, the seating area is to the right, out of the shot unfortunately. 

We were shown to our apartment at 2pm and were taken aback at our accommodation I can tell you. We were not expecting such luxury. We thought we'd be sharing the same bedroom and poor Sarah was worried silly that she might snore and keep me awake. You could see the relief lift as she spotted TWO bedrooms!

Let's give you a tour shall we. 

The open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area with the table set for two.

Our breakfast baskets full and ready for the morning. Milk and fresh orange were in the fridge as well.

The kitchen was equipped with every mod con, even a dishwasher. 

Let's continue with the tour. The apartment had loads of storage space and even a utility room. In fact can I live here please?

Two very large bedrooms. I bagged the one with the en-suite and the dressing room! There was a beautiful bathroom near Sarah's bedroom too.

The spa owns 30 of the apartments in the mill, all different though I believe, and we were fortunate to get one that overlooked the stream with this view over the hills.

Our treatments had been scheduled for 5pm. They advise to pre book any treatments. We did. After much deliberation we decided on the same, the Decleor Aromassage. A 55 minute treatment that was heavenly. So heavenly I nearly fell asleep, that's a good thing though I suppose? Every part of my body from the tips of my toes to the tension points on my scalp were massaged until every ounce of tension and stress had melted away. I came out of that treatment room feeling like I was walking on air, and my skin wrapped in wonderful oils, it's hard to describe but I felt warm and fuzzy inside and totally glowing.

We went into the heat and ice rooms again, swam some more, relaxed some more, and then ate some more!

Dinner was scheduled for 9pm which may seem late to some, but it worked perfectly with everything else, and besides both Sarah and I eat late anyway so didn't mind at all.

Dinner was two courses and we both had a starter and a main course rather than dessert.

Once again, fab food, service with a smile and very very hot!!!!!! Top marks.

We retired to our apartment after dinner. You can get drinks from the bistro, I think up until 11pm. They encourage you to buy a bottle and take it up to your apartment but we thought ahead and had a bottle of fizz waiting in our fridge that we took with us.

I slept like a baby which is unusual for me.

Sadly, check out is 10am the following morning and wanting to make the most it we dragged ourselves out of bed at 7.30am, headed down for a quick swim, one last go in the heat and ice rooms and then had breakfast.

I think you may get the idea that I loved my time at Titanic. Is there anything I would change? Yes there is. The first thing, and it's teeny tiny, and I'm being picky really, but there is no piped music in the pool area, there is everywhere else but not here and we felt it was needed. As I say, tiny thing, no biggie. 

The second thing is about the noise levels in the heat and ice experience in the evening. We were in there until just before our evening meal and there was quite a large group of young girls, that had come in on the twilight package, that were so noisy and larking about that it took the edge off our relaxing state that had lingered all day. It's supposed to be quiet-ish so you and everyone around you can relax. I know that's hard to monitor but it was a shame.

My Titanic experience was heavenly and one that I would recommend to anyone. You walk in to an oasis of calm and come out feeling re-energised and alive and my skin was glowing and squeaky clean.

I'm not going to lie, I am desperate to go back! I'd love to be able to take along my teenage daughter (it's ok she's over 16) as she's had a bit of crappy year and needs cheering up and I'd love to take my mum, she deserves it just because she's my mum! 

Best get saving those pennies!

My top tip to you, is to sign up to their newsletter on the Titanic Spa website here so you get all the info on the great deals (and read it's interesting history). Do it now so you don't miss out. You can thank me later! 

Have you been to a spa like this one? Perhaps you've already been to Titanic Spa. I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please leave me a comment.



  1. Looks wonderful,I need to go on one of these spa breaks xx

  2. Wow, this place looks AMAZING!!!

  3. OMG! This looks stunning! I can't get over your accomadation, superb! I've never been to a spa and would love to go, more now then ever from reading your post! Looks right up my street!! x x x

    1. Heather, it is so you! You would love it. When they say it takes your away from your everyday routine, stresses and worries, it really does, it's like it picks you up and transports you to another world!!! xx

  4. OMG! I love spas. And this spa just proved it's worth its name.Titanic!

    1. Hi. You're quite right there!!! Have you stayed over at a spa before or just for the day? xx


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