OOTD:H&M jersey stripes & a handbag for everything.

Here it is. 

The first ever OOTD post for this blog. I've been doing mainly lifestyle and beauty posts so it had to happen.

A while back I introduced Emily (my daughter) to you guys and said we would be collaborating on some posts, you know, beauty, OOTD posts together, that kinda thing. Well, Em is being brave today and is doing this OOTD post all by herself. And let's be frank, unless you're a model and used to posing in front of strangers, it's hard standing out there and posing in the middle of a country lane whilst getting strange looks from passers by, wondering what the heck you're doing, so hats off to you girl! I think you're a great model! 

Over to Em.

This dress is from H&M and it's one of my regular haunts for fashion. Being a student I have to spend my money wisely and find H&M great value.
This short sleeved jersey dress is really comfy and casual and has a zip fastening at the back of the neck.
It's actually a little longer than I would normally wear but I think it looks ok, especially for Autumn/Winter time anyway. This time I'm wearing it with ankle boots to keep it casual but you could actually dress this up with some heels and a statement necklace and get away with it for a casual-ish night out.
I take this handbag EVERYWHERE! It's huge. I use it for college and manage to fit literally everything in it but the kitchen sink! I use it as my overnight bag when I'm staying out somewhere. Everything goes in. PJ's, slippers, toiletries, and clothes rolled up!!!! So versatile. In fact, it has press-studs on either side that you can undo it to make the bag even bigger. 
As you can see it has the short carry handles and also the long shoulder strap.

Dress// H&M £14.99
Handbag// H&M £29.99
Ankle boots// New look. No longer online but similar here.
Sunglasses// Ralph Lauren. 

Lots of love



  1. OMG! Love this post guys! I love your dress Em, looks fab! I'm with Steph, you make a great model! More OOTD posts please!! : ) x x

    1. Thanks Heather. I've one coming up and then we're doing one together. Should be interesting! xx

  2. Love this outfit! Simple, elegant and cute!!


    1. Thank you Sharon! Keep an eye out for new posts!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments heather! More posts will be up shortly!

    Emily x

  4. Great post. Emily looks fab in her H&M dress! Lynne x

  5. Hey Lynne! Thanks for your comment, keep your eye open for the next one! :)
    Emily x


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