Devon Adventures, pirate fights and cream teas all round.

You have been warned, this is a long one! Grab a cuppa and park your backside. 

For the last few years around September time, we, along with two sets of our very close friends take a road trip to Brixham. Brixham being a small fishing town in the district of Torbay, in the county of Devon, in the south-west of England. This year, Mr C's sister and her hubby Rob also joined us for a fun filled (and tiring) few days.

This is how our trip began. 

Two ladies in the back of the car being chauffeured by Mr C. The two blokes in the front. 

Now I've got to tell you, every time we go away Mr C stocks up the car like a good un! There's like a secret compartment in the back of the car, James Bond style-y and it's full with goodies, nut's, crisps, odd looking nibbles, and a mountain of sweets. Not the mention the bottles of prosecco in the glove box, which is also a chilled compartment by the way!!! What? We have to have something to get us through the long journey. Nut's alone just don't cut it. And proper glasses you know, no plastic for us posh uns! A great start to our journey. We were due to meet the others later that morning, yes of course in the pub!
We've arrived so lets take a selfie.
And then the others rocked up so another selfie required. Let's face it, it had to be a selfie as no respecting resident was offering to take a photo of this rabble arriving in Brixham to paint their town pink, yellow and sky blue! 
After a few pints, don't be concerned we did eat too, I opted for a small ice cream and then we made our way to the beach. And hey, look at my feet, flip flops at the end of September, who'd have thought.
The chaps braved it and headed straight in, although Mike's the only one in the shot they did all dip a toe or two in. It was quite warm-ish that day but I have it on good authority that the sea was bl**dy freezing!
Us ladies sat on the wall waiting for Mike to go arse over tit so we could all laugh our socks off but he did very well and managed to stay upright, and hey, he didn't loose any toes to the icy cold water, came out with a full set, all ten present and correct, which is a damn good job because he'd have been left at the cottage all weekend by himself. Can't afford to spend precious drinking time at A&E can we, we'd just have to be a man down. No, come on now, we're not that mean, we'd leave him with coke, crisps and chocolate biscuits, hmmm.....all his favourites!
Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? 
So, Saturday we went to Dartmouth for the day but I've so many snaps it deserves a post all of it's own, and I know you'd only feel cheated if I just squeezed a few in here wouldn't you? So let's skip straight to Saturday night shall we? In a lovely cosy wine bar conveniently down the road from the cottage.
We'd booked a table at the Crab Quay restaurant. Never again. In all fairness we went there last year and it was good and as it's on the doorstep and we can stumble home from there, we decided to go again. In my opinion the service was shocking, very short staffed, and the food wasn't up to much either this time. They'd run out of several items on the menu and Jane tried to order another Bacardi and coke only to be told they'd run out of Bacardi!!!!! How can you run out of a main spirit on a Saturday night. Please tell me. Only think of going here if you're prepared for the fact that the service AND the food may not be up to much. 
Still, we managed to leave a happy and rowdy bunch, I'm surprised no-one went over the harbour wall at this point. 
The party continued back at the cottage and the alcohol flowed freely.

Rob's got his posh prosecco here with a cup of tea chaser. Rock and roll!
The alcohol is taking hold so let's play dress up.

A-haaahhh me hearties.
The swashbuckling pirates of Brixham. Or maybe not. Not sure where Mr C's right hand is but Rob looks quite alarmed!
So take that you scoundrel, you!
I surrender.
Two can play at Rob's game, only mine's a prosecco followed by a prosecco chaser. AND despite what this picture is telling you I am NOT sozzled! I'm not.
We enjoyed each others company until the early hours once again, telling jokes, some of us better than others, sorry John, laughing till we cried and our bellies hurt, and played charades, badly. 

On Sunday we set off on a route march through the town, on to Fishcombe Cove and then through the beautiful woods and fields to Churston. Our reward when we got there was a yummy carvery at Churston Court so as you can see we were on a mission!
This photo does make me laugh, Jane looks like a naughty child being told off!
Another warm September day.
Love was certainly in the air.
We sure had worked up an appetite when we got to our destination and the food did not disappoint, one of the best carvery's I've had in fact. 
Churston Court Hotel is a magnificent Grade 1 listed 12th Century Manor House and beautifully restored. Mr C and I stayed overnight there a few years ago. The bedrooms are amazing, with uneven floors, wooden beams and latch handle doors. It's like stepping back in time and I was a bit scared to be left in the room on my own, if you get my drift? 
We sat outside drinking in the sunshine for a while before our trek back to base camp. I know, I know, I can hear you saying "but all they do is eat and drink", well yeah, I can confirm you're not wrong! Off for a cream tea then.

Yes, you did hear right. I can't quite believe it myself. We had a huge Sunday roast, no desserts though, and if we weren't stuffed to the gills, eyes bigger than our bellies, we ALL managed to find just enough room for a cream tea to round off our eating and drinking marathon before we made our journey home. I feel sick just thinking about it right now.

Oh, forgot to mention that on our walk back we visited a little museum but yet again, too many snaps so mini museum post will follow. Something else for you to look forward to!
I'll leave you with this stunning image of me filling my face. I could tell you that I got home and didn't eat for the following week, but then that would be a lie!

Have you been to Brixham? Do you love it as much as we do?



  1. What a marvellous weekend with our lovely friends, laughs, wine, food , beautiful scenery -perfect mix for a fab weekend away xx ps Jj version of 2 small beers was hilarious !!!!! Xx

  2. Truly fab, can't wait for the next one! xx

  3. My husbands family live in Torquay! My brother in law and his wife got married at that hotel! Seeing your pics has brought back some great memories!
    Looks like lots of alcohol was consumed!

    1. A beautiful part of the country, how lucky they are to live down there and what a stunning place to get married. Glad my post evoked great memories and brought a smile to your face.
      ps.. copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, I blame it on the sea air!!!!!! :)

  4. Brilliant post Steph! Looks so much fun! You have a fab bunch of friends and a lovely fun filled life!! : ) And I'm jealous of those cream teas, look amazing! My fave! H x x p.s love your white nail varnish, which brand do you use, I'm looking for a decent one as I picked up a cheapy Primark one in Spain and it was rubbish! lol x x

    1. We don't have a big circle of friends but the ones we have we love to bits and they're just as mad as us!!!! I love the white nail polish, it's an Essie one (shade:blanc) but find it does need a top coat, which you should always do anyway!! xxx


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