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Whilst day tripping in Malaga we mooched around the shops at the port and came across a gorgeous looking make up store. Kiko cosmetics. Clean lines, real sleek looking, Sarah and I were enticed in, picked up a basket and started to shop! We didn't need much encouragement I can tell you.

Everything was displayed so well. Rows and rows of nail polish with every shade your heart could desire. Pops of colour adorned the racking with their gorgeous eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushers. There were accessories and skin care too, everything you could ever need. We were in girlie heaven. 
I'll be honest with you, I've never heard of Kiko cosmetics before so was a little hesitant with my purchases. 

Here's what I picked up.
Self tanning rapid cream for the face. This was reduced and if I remember rightly it was 5.90 euros. Sarah spotted it first and popped one in her little basket. Not wanting to be left out, (and having a sneaky suspicion she'd be telling me how amazing it is) I popped one in my basket too!!! 

I have to say I luuuuurve this product. I've tried so many different self tanning creams for the face but this is my favourite by a mile. It's quite light, smells nice, no whiff of biscuits, and gives a gorgeous natural looking colour to the skin.
The pump on the tube is brilliant and for my face two pumps is enough. It comes out cream coloured but when rubbed into the skin it turns a pearlescent pinky colour. The shade is quite subtle but you can build it up. I apply for 2/3 days to achieve the shade I want and it doesn't look patchy at all like some do when you apply day after day. Another bonus, it makes my skin oh so soft too. 
We were both drawn to the items that were on sale/special offer, more so because we weren't familiar with the brand so didn't want to spend too much in case we weren't happy with it. I did say to Sarah though that being Italian cosmetics surely it's got to be good? 

Volumeyes+ mascara in black. This mascara was 3.90 euros in the sale. I tried this as soon as I got back to my hotel and was thrilled with it. It certainly gave my eyelashes loads of volume.
I particularly like shape of the wand. 
On to the nails.

With Autumn upon us I opted for a couple of shades I could get away with wearing at work.

Shade: Smoke gray
Shade: 816 Taupe brown
I really do love the colour of these two, however they didn't last awfully long before chipping. BUT in their defence I didn't use a top coat so perhaps that's what they definitely need to make them last a bit longer.

I am impressed by the quality of such a reasonably priced brand and I will tell you now I was mortified and close to tears when I got back to our hotel after our trip into Malaga, trying out the mascara and realising that it's bloody brilliant. Wow, very long lashes indeedy. Why oh why did I only buy the one. Ah ha, I thought, and thinking ahead, I'll check on line when I get home and see if they deliver to the UK. Low and behold and to my absolute delight (less so to Mr C's) there is a Kiko Cosmetics UK. Hooray! 

I'm about to place an order for more mascara which is still on offer. Sadly they have sold out of the self tanning cream for the face, perhaps a good thing really as I'd have ordered by the bucket load! Yeah really. 
I have everything crossed it will make a return next year. They have a few stores dotted around the UK, mainly London, area-ish though so don't think Mr C will be happy travelling there to see if they have any small tube of self tan left, Ummm.........unless of course we turn it into a weekend away, now there's food for thought! 

Anyway, you too can order some fabulous girlie things at the most reasonable prices right here, right now. Thank me later!

Ps- this is not a sponsored post in anyway, just chuffed to bits with my purchase. 



  1. How lucky where we to come across this fabulous shop :-) I'm seriously impressed with this cosmetic brand, and will be putting in a super order in very soon, just in time for the festive season!! The face self tan is simply amazing! Have a feeling next year when we visit the shop a separate case will be needed for our haul!! Xx


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