Paloma Park, a barrel of laughs, a near miss and more ice cream. (Part 3)

Ok, so let's get this out of the way. I'm Sorry. Sorry for the delay with part three of our holiday adventure. It's just that I've been really busy and 'stuff' took over but I've got my blogging vibe well and truly back.


With that out of the way let's get on with our trip to the stunning Paloma park located in Benalmadena. Mr C and I have visited many times with various people. When we lived in Spain for a brief spell, our house was not far from the park so visits were regular.

The park is so peaceful and a world away from all the tourist-y bits.
We started with a coffee at the lovely park cafe, although a beer for someone, *cough cough* mentioning no names, then went on to this...............

My face! These quadricycles (made that up) reminded me of childhood holidays when they were everyones mode of transport to get around the campsite and being in England they had canopies over the top, which weren't usually to stop you getting sunburnt, get my drift?
Feeling braver we progressed on to these.......
A better mode of transport as we didn't have to peddle or anything, just push a button, or twist, I've forgotten already but they were really great fun. 

Whacky races! (Just look at my handbag dangling, gotta try and look good even when you're whizzing around like a loonie!)
Check out the video clip, we're just getting going so are a bit slow but we do get faster. And Mr C nearly falling off his at the end is not our near miss, that one's going off to that famous show, you know the one.

Scary at first but once you get the hang of it you're off and there's not stopping you. You basically pay (a small amount) and get a few laps around the lake. We were having so much fun and didn't want to get off and do you want to know a little secret? We were planning to bust through the park gates, hurtle down the hill at full speed, Sarah would be lagging behind as hers wasn't as fast as ours, whizz over the main road and onto the promenade. Freedom. 

Me planning the escape route!
We thought about for all of, ooh, ten seconds, and then realised if we did a runner we may not be welcome back next year. I need to go back next year to get fastest lap.

So with the segway-type thingy's handed back to the lovely man we set off to explore. I've got to tell you though that I don't think I've ever had so much fun, laughing at the others as well as myself. I laughed until my belly hurt, really hurt. 

Our two forever friends Sarah and John
I was telling this one about our plan and he promised not to tell a soul..........
Although not sure this little fella's quite as good at keeping secrets!
We stopped off for another beverage, progressing now onto the alcoholic variety, at a cafe on the other side of the park this time. Beer for the boys and the most delicious tinto verano for the ladies, and can you believe it was only 2 euros a glass! I know! Mad.

We wandered over to the truly amazing cactus gardens. 

These look rather like giant pincushions! 
and this one was obviously very pleased to see me!!!!!!
Paloma park is like an oasis in the middle of a busy holiday resort and everyone comes here to find their slice of peace and quiet. Families, spending a rare day together, kids chasing the rabbits and birds around, loved up couples with their blanket and picnic, the older spanish generation meeting up for coffee, runners, dog walkers, and of course tourists, if they're lucky enough to find out about it that is.    

These cute fluffy things are hopping around everywhere. Chickens, birds, peacocks all wander round and mingle with us humans like it's the norm. 
Right then, you've seen Paloma park, we've had a barrel of laughs, you've not quite seen the near miss, but here's the ice cream............just look at the toffee dribbling down.......don't you just want to lick it quick?

I went for the double option (again) and I can't for the life of me remember what on earth I had, I didn't make a mental note as I was way too eager to eat it, sorry.
This selfie makes me HOWL. Sarah and I, perfectly normal people at the back, then we have the two weirdo's at the front! Mr C for some strange reason is trying to suck his ice cream through his spoon, which for another strange reason, he seems to think is a straw! (his mind thought it was yet another cocktail-he needs help). This leads me on to John. Hmm.........do you think he's 'happy to be here?' Errrr........ anyone would think we've all forced him to sit down and eat the most disgusting food on the planet with the sad look on his face, not wonderfully delicious ice cream. We all nearly peed our pants when we saw this as we thought he looked like a miserable mexican bloke, with a long moustache, being forced to eat ice cream, minus the sombrero and poncho. In John's defence, yes he was just being a scruffy bugger and had not had a shave that day, he did enjoy it really. 
Oh yeah and I enjoyed mine, licked around the tub and everything! 
Sadly,this brings us to the end of our holiday adventure. Even though we only went out for the one week we crammed so much in and had a blast! I never knew my body could take in so much food, and then be topped up with so much fluid and still be able to walk and function normally. Well, perhaps not normally, but I got by! 

Here's our very last selfie at Malaga airport, with a glass of pop, all very sad at having to leave. Of course, as  Mr C keeps reminding me we have to back to reality and work so we can earn the pennies to go back again next year. Unless we win the lottery of course. You never know. 

But for now............................................Luego te veo mi bella espaƱa.



  1. Loved reading this, took me straight back! Sat here laughing to myself at the fun we had. Can't wait for next year, love you guys xx

    1. I was laughing all the way through writing these posts! x

  2. JJ and I look like the men in black!

  3. Wow, just finished reading this post and my belly is hurting right now remembering all the laughs we had.........I cannot tell you how much I can't wait for next year!

  4. All systems are go,so let's get them flights booked!!! :-D

  5. Sounds fab! Please take us there too someday! ; ) Loving your stripy dress hun where's it from???? Looks like you guys had a fab time! Love all the pics! and that ice-creamk, yum!!!! : ) x x

    1. One day, it's a deal and a date!!!! The dress is from H&M, I seem to get a lot of my summer stuff from there!! xx

    2. Yay! I'll hold you to that ; ) Oh I love H&M! x x


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