My week in photos #1

What a busy week it's been! Mr C went away to Portugal at the beginning of the week for 'work' as he calls it. It's the kind of work where you have to take your golf clubs along with you. Weird! Anyway, it was my last week before going back to work next Tuesday. I've had 8 weeks off, which has actually gone really quick. I had 6 weeks off on sick leave after my surgery then as I had to use up my annual leave I took two weeks off over Christmas and New Year. It's going to be hard getting back into it, it'll be a shock to the system that's for sure, I've gotten used to getting up at my leisure, bit of breakfast, doing my make-up really nicely, as I had all the time in the world, and then just taking the day as it comes. Emily it still off after her op (her cast comes off next week) so we thought we'd make the most of our last full week together. Not surprisingly it's been a week of shopping and food! Well, when the cats away............

Wednesday we ventured to a deli for a bit of lunch, not too far away from us called The Grey Lady kitchen and deli. It's on the edge of Bradgate Park, which is a local country park that we often go to for a nice stroll. Emily has been to the deli before, although only for brunch but said it was worth a visit. The menu's not vast and we both settled on the fish and chips with mushy peas washed down with a glass of rosé. Classy I know. The fish was average but the chips, oh my, they were to die for, I would of had a double portion of those if I'd known!  

Even though the weather was a little damp and un-inspiring we hopped over to the park for a wander, we had to do something to walk off those calories!

Sadly nothing was helping with greyness of the day so these shots are well, 'grey!' It's a shame as it's such a beautiful park but don't worry more will come in the spring. We didn't stay long, it was really cold and we just wanted to get home to the warm and a hot cuppa. 

We kicked Thursday off with a healthy brunch. Arghhh.....we had so many fry-up's over Christmas it just wouldn't be right to have another, so scrambled on seeded bread with a dash of pesto and avocado it was for me. Emily had full green eggs and ham, her favourite, she's addicted to pesto at the minute. I could lie and tell you we carried on the healthy theme for the rest of the day but we didn't. Did you really think we would? We continued in the evening with a fresh cream doughnut because after dropping my son off at the pub we went to pay my auntie a visit and she practically forced us to have one! Oh nearly forgot to say we dived into the tub of roses chocolates whilst both chilling in my bed watching Big Brother. What? Someone has to eat them, and yes Big Brother is my guilty pleasure. 

Friday we went shopping at a local retail park. It's got various high street stores but it's quite small. Food was involved. 

Caught in the act!!!!

I tried to convince Emily to back away from the pizza and go for something else, she was having none of it, she was strangely drawn and so was I actually. Look, it was a very small one, ok, with delicious fries and a drink but I repeat very small!

We made some necessary purchases between us, you know what it's like ladies, things that you absolutely want need! Slip of the tongue there. I'd seen the handbag on the M&S Instagram feed and knew that was a necessity straight away. It was more beautiful in the flesh. Like mother, like daughter, Emily was smitten also and grabbed one. It's a limited edition and there were only two left, so it was meant to be. If you want one you'll need to be quick. 

I got the boots too, also from M&S in the sale for £20!!! Em picked up a shirt from New Look, purse from River Island and a new eyeshadow palette. 

Saturday was quite a chill out day for me, lazy start (again), boy my body is not going to like getting up early next week for work, and Emily met with friends and got her nails done. Around 4pm we popped to my parents for a quick cuppa. We certainly weren't expecting my dad to knock up a chicken tandoori sizzler for us but it went down a treat. Saturday evening was spent in my bed again munching our way through Jaffa cakes and catching up on episodes of the Kardashians, sshhhh......don't tell anyone! 

Phew.......busy week but I loved every minute of it. I had time to do plenty for the blog, writing, photography etc and it was such fun having time with Emily, just the two of us and doing things we don't often take the time to do. 

Have a great week everyone and wish me luck going back to work! 

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  1. Lovely pictures ! that fish and chips looks so yummy !!


  2. Looks like the perfect week to me!! Shopping and food are probably two of my very favourite things :)

    1. Ha..me too Charlotte, the best therapy possible! xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely week : )
    Love your skirt Steph! Where's it from!?
    All the food looks scrummy as usual, mouth watering over here!
    Heather xxx

    1. It's been lovely spending time with Em. The skirt is from Miss Selfridge (so comfy) and the top is from Topshop. xx


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