My Week in photos #3

I thought this week was going to be a quiet one and that I'd not have much too show you in the way of photos and chitter chatter but oh no, quite another full on one really. I was secretly hoping it would be a bit slower as I've still got this damn cold lingering on, it's been three weeks now and quite frankly I am sick of it! I feel like rubbish and I most definitely LOOK like rubbish, pale and washed out, huge eye bags and flat lifeless hair. As you've probably already gathered from My week in photos #1 and #2 my weeks tend to start slowly which is rather nice, then pick up pace about mid week. This week's does have quite a lot of photos so you've been warned. 

Wednesday I met up with my best friend Sarah, who has also been off work following major back surgery. She was going back to work the next day so we thought we'd have lunch together and Emily came along too. We went to the Lime Tree, a lovely little pub in her neck of the woods. We'd not seen each other since New years Eve so it was good to have a natter and catch up. Me and Emily lost count of the amount of times she told us she didn't want to go back to work! 

How cute is that wine cooler bag? Never seen one of those before and such a great space saving idea. 

The lunch was nice enough, although not hot enough for my liking, I like my food to be really hot! Em and Sarah had the fish and chips and I had chicken forestiere, which was spoilt a little with millions of onions, ugh! All three of us washed it down with a white hot chocolate which was totally Em's fault as she wanted one and then me and Sarah didn't want to feel left out. Not a great combination for the stomach mind! 

Friday night we had friends round to ours for drinks, again we hadn't seem them since New Year but I didn't get any decent shots for this post as I was too busy drinking and nattering, oh and overloading on carbs with numerous bags of crisps that we put out to nibble on, shameful I know, can't wait for this healthy eating to kick in, ha ha, I make it sound like it's just gonna happen don't I, like I've not actually got to put any effort in, wouldn't it be nice if we could just flick a switch and go into healthy eating mode? 

Saturday we had to head down to London for the day. We had something to sort out around lunchtime but other than that the day was our own. We had nothing in particular planned so just mooched around as you do and I took a few snaps for you lot. 

It wasn't too cold at all on Saturday was it? Certainly better than the temperatures we've had of late and the city welcomed us with a beautiful blue sky. Sadly it was not to last as within half an hour the clouds rolled in and left us with the dullest grey sky. Ah well, we were thankful it wasn't raining.

Bit of a difference in this shot with no blue sky. Just white. And grey. 

The squirrels brightened things up a bit, I could sit and watch them all day, jumping and frolicking about, no seriously I really could, sarnie, coffee, park bench and the squirrels providing free entertainment all day, yup, I'm good.  Mr C always manages to tempt me away though with the promise of alcohol. Did you say wine?

Window shopping.

Okay, so I may have just popped my nose inside, but I promise I didn't buy anything.

We didn't have any particular plans for lunch and we really weren't in the mood for traipsing around so as we turned a corner a Pizza Express came into view and our decision was made. You can't go wrong with pasta and pizza can you? It was heaving, as was every other restaurant, but we were seated really quickly and our aching feet (and backs) let out a sigh of relief. Wine was sure to make us feel better. "Cheers!"

Mr C helped me with my pizza as it was rather large and I already had my eye on dessert!

I'm not a massive dessert person buy when I saw they had treacle tart cheesecake, yes that's right, I repeat, treacle tart cheesecake, my decision was not a difficult one. Mr C had the New York vanilla cheesecake and we had tasters of each others. I liked both, who wouldn't, but I think mine just took first place. It was mind blowingly sweet, as any good treacle tart is but I'd have liked the biscuit base to have a little more crunch, didn't stop me devouring every last mouthful though mopping up all the vanilla ice cream along the way.

Bellies overloaded, actually, stuffed to the max, we waddled around a little more and decided to head for home around 6pm.

Sunday. After all the walking we did Saturday we thought "Ahh, what they hell, let's do a bit more" and headed off for a wander around Beacon Hill, huge blister and all. Another very grey day (boring) but not cold at all and even though we really did do lots of walking around London I was eager to get out again because after realising there is no switch for the healthy eating mode I know I have to do something myself and I really want to get back into this exercise thing and find some sort of motivation. Hey, let me tell you, Mr C's Fitbit told us we did 22,533 steps around London which I think is bloody great don't you?

Beacon Hill is yet another stunning country park close to our home. We are very lucky to have so much glorious countryside on our doorstep.

There weren't that many people around despite it being mild, just the odd dog walker, a few riding horses through the park and on a couple of occasions you could hear children's laughter echoing through the woods as they chased after each other, other than that just me and Mr C and a whole load of fresh air.

We walked to the top of Beacon Hill to have a quick look out over the county, I say quick because it was blowing a gale up there.

We trundled back through the woods.......

.......stopping to take a quick photo of the snow drops reminding us that Spring is only around the corner!

I hope you all had a wonderful week? 

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