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As we age our skin and it's needs change and woman are often on the hunt for a great moisturiser to help revive their skin. Thing is some of these moisturisers that promise amazing results, firmness and radiance amongst other things often come with a ridiculous price tag. Well, say hello to the PhytoDeluxe range, two new moisturisers that Superdrug have added to their Optimum collection. Aimed at women 40+ and at a price that is totally affordable. 

Optimum PhytoDeluxe 

They offer a day and night cream both of which are infused with platinum and black diamond truffle. Black diamond truffle has enjoyed an extraordinary status since ancient times, is rich in amino acids reputed to help tone the skin and improve the skins moisture balance. The platinum matrix-EM is proven to boost collagen synthesis helping with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving elasticity. They also contain Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5 and the night cream contains shea butter. Although I'm not sure on the quantities, these are high quality ingredients which can often be found in the more expensive brands. 


First off, the packaging. Both come in an air-tight pump dispenser which I prefer to a jar and look elegant and more expensive than they actually cost.           

*Day cream:
The day cream is definitely lightweight in texture with a really lovely fresh smell. The packaging say's it absorbs quickly on application but I have to be honest here and say that wasn't really the case for me, I did have to rub this in quite a bit. Make up went on ok. 

*Night cream:
The night cream smells more or less the same as the day cream and has a beautiful texture which melts into the skin easily. My skin did feel just a tad firmer and plumper which I guess is a result! 

I didn't particularly get on with the day cream but that's not to say you won't. Everyone's skin is different and when giving a product a short trial period it's hard to see any long term effects. I would re-purchase the night cream though and I think for the size and the price point (£14.99 each) they offer considerable value for money with quality ingredients, and they have SPF15 in them too which is great to see. 

These products were launched a few months ago (I'm a little late with this due to health reasons) but if you're interested you can purchase in store or find then online here

Have your heard of the PhytoDeluxe range? Have you tried it?

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  1. I've not heard of this brand before! It's a shame you didn't get on with the day cream. I hate being disappointed with a product!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. To be honest Jodie I hadn't heard of the optimum range and yes shame about the day cream but I was impressed overall. xx

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Yes, great quality for the price Joanne and I'm all for a BOGOF offer!!! :) x


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