My week in photos #4

Hey everyone. Good week? It's been a quieter one for me but seems to revolve a lot around food and drink! 

Monday Em and I kicked the week off with a raspberry ripple white hot chocolate. When Em was in London last weekend she and her friend made a beeline for Whittard in Covent garden as they were offering samples, a bit like me, anything free and she's there! After trying the hot pink stuff she bought a tin home. It is amazing, but very, very sweet as you'd imagine. I couldn't drink more than one! Besides that'd just be plain old greedy. 

Wednesday Emily was pampered and preened. We both go to a salon called Browns to get our HD brows done and during January they have a BOGOF offer. To cut a long story short I was a bit slow on the uptake and couldn't get booked in for two treatments side by side so missed out this year. Em had her brows done and then a hot stone massage (lucky bugger) both done by the lovely Laura.

I've really gotten into my skincare of late, not that I haven't always been good with my skincare routine but I've stepped it up a gear and have now started using cosmeceuticals. I ordered the Latest in Beauty Harley Street box and it came on Wednesday. I'm chuffed with what's in it, £318 worth of products for £60. I did a quick post on it, not a review, but more to get the word out there incase anyone wanted to order, you can see that post here.

Thursday was a bit of a nondescript day. I had work (boo) and then in the evening I was on my own as Em had show rehearsals, Tom was at the pub and Mr C was at training. Not sure if I told you but he's just become a member of the Leicestershire search and rescue team, something that he's talked about for a long time and this year he's finally done it and I couldn't be more proud. He's got various training dates booked in so thats where he was, and whilst the house was quiet I caught up on some blog bits and pieces.  

Friday I met my mum and Auntie for coffee and it was really nice because Emily and her friend Chloe tagged along and then Tom who was working from home on Friday decided to come too. Family outing! By the way the cake isn't mine, the toastie isn't mine, the cream with a bit of hot chocolate isn't mine but the chai latte is! 

We didn't have much planned for the weekend which was so nice. Usually we have loads on and end up rushing here, there and everywhere. I had to put in a picture of Emily preparing food in the kitchen  as she never cooks, I had to capture the occasion as who knows when it'll happen again! She made us spicy prawn noodles and to be fair it was quite tasty, a little on the dry side for my liking but practice makes perfect babe so I look forward to the next one! Mr C and I had a movie night, which we've not done in ages, cracked open the gingerbread popcorn from Christmas and settled down to watch Everest. A little emotional but a good film. 

This year, June in fact Mr C and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! I know, I can't believe it myself really, the years have gone by so quickly. Mr C put this picture and comment on Facebook in the week, it brought a tear to my eye so I had to show you.

Saturday we'd made a pact to get up early as we'd got errands to run and things to do but despite our greatest efforts we didn't crawl out until around 9.30....oops! I was a bit annoyed with myself actually as I'd really got it in my head that I'd get up, don't know what happened, the warm bed on a cold, dull January morning is just too much temptation, although thinking about it it was quite bright and sunny by 9.30..........ah well.

I'd got a salon appointment around lunch time and quite conveniently there's a pub opposite so mr C and I snuck in for a spot of lunch and a beverage or two. On the way home we stopped off to see my mum and dad for a catchup and a cuppa. I loved Saturday, it was a chilled out day with no particular time pressures, it' funny how those days seem so much longer than days when you've tonnes planned, you just feel so much more relaxed.

Mr C cooked a risotto on Saturday night, pea and mint, utterly delicious, he's so darn good at it now. We then watched Sunshine on Leith,  a Great British feel good film. Mr C loves a good musical as much as I do but I wasn't sure he'd like this, we both loved it, and our feet were tapping away the whole way through.

Sunday we woke up to rain, and more rain. Mr C brought me a cuppa around 9 before heading off to the gym and I just pottered. We had lunch and another good old lazy day, that's what January's for isn't it?

What did you get up to this weekend? 

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  1. Fab post! That white hot chocolate looks amazing!
    Heather xx


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