Christmas in January

Happy Monday people but who stole my weekend?

A great weekend it was but why did it have to go so quickly?

The weather was thoroughly miserable so we actually didn't do too much. Saturday we had a massive thunder storm. I do love a good storm when I'm tucked away safely in home. I sit and watch out the window. I love watching the lightening, although my goodness it brings home how dangerous and scary it really is when we found out a mosque in our city had been struck in that storm.

I popped out in between the storm and all the rain showers to pick up a couple of bits for our work Christmas party.

Yep, Christmas party in January. Just what the doctor ordered to brighten things up a bit. I really like that we have something to look forward to when we are dragging our feet through January!

Here we are ready to rumble.
The party was at the Leicester Tigers Rugby Ground and they always put on a great event for us. 
We had some lovely food, and drink and great company on our table, (Dee, so entertaining!) 

The meal was followed by the usual speeches and raffle (Boo, we never won) but to be honest once the food was out of the way I just wanted to get up and dance. When the official bit was over I was off!
There was no stopping us. I absolutely love to dance, and dance ALL night. I really do mean all night, I just stop to have a little sip of something every now and then, to keep up my energy levels you understand! When I think about it, it's probably quite rude of me because I don't have many conversations with people throughout the night, but you can't chat too well on the dance floor can you and I don't get the opportunity to dance the night away very often so I have to make the most of it.
Julie referred to us as Girls Aloud here, Mr C said more like Girls Too Loud!!! Very funny. 
Our wonderful friends Sarah and John
Sarah's having a bit of a power nap in this shot!
Well that's it, all over for another year, and a great time had by all.

Needless to say, as usual we were the very last guests to leave the building at around 1.30am. We like to squeeze every last drop out of the evening. 

The morning after the night before.........

It's never pretty. 

Sunday morning I lay in bed feeling my stomach's contents churning away, my brain telling me I needed to go see what the toilet pan looked like, but I did not want to move! I stayed where I was, Mr C fetched me a glass of water and within the hour I was feeling a little more human. 

I didn't actually drink that much to be really ill. I think it was a combination of dehydration, tiredness, aching bones ( I am getting old)  and sore feet, oh my poor poor feet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

We slobbed around all day Sunday, weather was rubbish yet again, Mr C cooked us a roast, which I needed real bad, we watched Mr Selfridge, my fave right now, and then went to bed!

Weekend over. 

So now it's Monday.  Big 'yippee' I'm not at work,  but I still can't find my energy anywhere! I got up late, and am slobbing around yet again in my joggers when I should be cleaning and ironing. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. 

What did you do with your weekend? I'd love to know.


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