What is Bloglovin?

As you all know I've not been blogging for long.

When I first thought about doing writing a blog myself I searched the web and came across a site called Bloglovin. This is a fab site, no wait scratch that, it's an awesome site which brings lots of blog lovin people together in one place. Whether you're a blogger or an avid blog follower then this is where it's at. Most of the blogs I now read I found through this site.

There are tons of different categories to browse through, and soooo many blogs you'll want to follow them all, including mine of course! I think when you start reading blogs it becomes quite addictive and you want to read more, especially if you are a true nosey parker like me. You know sometimes you just can't be bothered to click all over the shop to read your blogs but with this you don't have to. All you favourite blogs are in one place here, you can add more blogs that you want to follow and you get all of their new posts through a feed, I suppose a bit like the facebook feed page, so you never miss anything.

The reason behind me writing this post is because I'd never heard of this little gem and I'm sure lots of you folks are not aware of it either. It is so easy to get started on Bloglovin.

Most blogs have a button to connect you to their Bloglovin account

Here's mine! When you've finished reading this go ahead and click it.

Follow on Bloglovin

It really is easy peasey and simplifies it all.

What are you waiting for?

Oh...nearly forgot to mention that there's also an App available so you get all updates on the go!

Oh yeah, being a pain now but I'm guessing if you're reading my posts we're liking the same kind of things right? So, if you leave me a link to your bloglovin account I'll add you to my reader list too.


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