Seeing in a New Year

Well that's it, we've kissed 2013 goodbye and have welcomed in 2014 with open arms. 2013 was such a fun packed year for us, we crammed so much in with family and friends and I'm not sure how we'll top it, mind you, I seem to remember saying the exact same thing as we said goodbye to 2012 and saw in 2013!

Let me take you to our New years eve fancy dress party, this year titled 'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be........' based on the show Stars In Their Eyes. Everyone had to attend the show as a rock/pop star.

Here's the guest list!

ME as Cheryl Cole and Mr C doing it gangnam style as Psy
Our daughter Emily as Lady Gaga, and her boyfriend Liam from LMFAO, her friend Annie as Britney and Danna, her friend who was Katie Perry.
The Supremes arrived at the bash, only to be followed by David Bowie and John Lennon!
Liam Gallagher
Amy Whinehouse who seemed to be very friendly with Liam. Susan Boyle, James Taylor and Mylie Cyrus then knocked on our door. What a line up.
A rather odd looking lot of Spice Girls??????? Oh dear 
Last but not least Jimmy Hendrix, Cher and a young Elvis
Not a sight you will ever witness again I'm sure, Subo and Psy doing gangnam.

Mr C and I love hosting the party, we decorate the house, prepare food and drink and everyone has a jolly good time, laughing at each others costumes, catching up and of course getting rather merry along the way. 

We do awards for the best costumes, a themed related quiz, disco and this year we even had lasers and a smoke machine!

These popstars party hard though and the last ones left around 4.30am so off we went to bed, absolutely exhausted but chuffed that we'd done it again!! Not sure about next year though? Only one problem, having to get up a few hours later feeling rather delicate to say the least. 

Now, I usually take my tree and decorations down the day after New Years day, I would do it on New Years day but after the big party, as you can imagine, we spend most of New Years day cleaning! I like the start of the new year though, don't you? I know some people who get very sad about the fact another has gone, but hey that's life. I pack away, clean the house so it's spick and span, blow away the cobwebs, not literally as my home is very clean of course, and I like to look at it as a new chapter starting with exciting things and new adventures around the corner. 

We have another 365 days to cram as much in as we possibly can. I am not making any resolutions as such this year, but know I really want to try and achieve lots of 'firsts' in my life, challenge myself with things I've never done before, and as many of them as possible! 

I am getting all excited and soppy at the same time so want to finish with saying I feel truly blessed seeing our two children grow and change each year into amazing independent adults and fortunate to be able to share our Christmas and New Year celebrations with all my family and friends collecting many more treasured memories along the way. 

Oh yeah, my auntie Jeanette said to me on NYE that she admires the fact that we do so much with so many people, always busy out doing one thing or another and told us to never stop and enjoy every moment. Well people, that's exactly what we intend to do, we might not achieve it everyday but we'll give a bloomin good go!




  1. Steph I wish we lived nearer we want to come! Love your blog babe sounds just like you talking!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, keep on tuning in x


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