Hazelnut croissants

Yum Yum... I baked these little parcels of deliciousness this morning for our breakfast courtesy of The Londoner!

Here's how

Pre heat your oven to 180C/350F

The three, yep three ingredients you will need are one jar of Nutella, bag of chopped hazelnuts and one tube of croissant dough. Ok so one little cheat,  Ssshhhh....who's going to know?
Open up the tube of croissant dough following the simple instructions, made me jump as they exploded out of the tube!
Unroll and separate the triangles. My dough was a little sticky and stretchy so be careful here.

Now spread a teaspoon of nutella at the bottom end of your triangle.
Sprinkle with the nuts.
Roll so they look like this
I will confess that this is the best shaped croissant of the bunch! Do all six and pop onto a baking tray. Funny, they look more like little crabs than croissants!!
Place them in your oven for 10-15 minutes until they're golden brown and they are shouting 'eat me, eat me'.
Oh the smell wafting around the house...........

Ta Dah!!!
As recommended I ate mine straight from the oven with some fresh raspberries, a truly delicious combination.

All that gooey, warm, nutty chocolateiness!
Serve with piping hot coffee, or tea!
So uncomplicated and easy peasey, great to make with the kids, minus the nuts if they don't like them, personally I love that they add a satisfying crunch, and enjoy! If you're having people over make them the night before, leave covered on the side and bake fresh in the morning. They will be more than impressed with you're baking skills!!!!!!


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