My Christmas Day 2013

Wow.... the big day seems such a long time ago, although just only over a week ago can you believe! I know this post is a little late, and some bloggers post on Christmas or Boxing day but my goodness I've just not had the time to be a busy blogger, what with planning Christmas at our gaff and then a huge New Years Eve fancy dress party too, it's been a total whirlwind and I feel like I am only just finding my feet again.

Having said that, I loved every single minute of it all. It was such hard work but so definately worth it and so many more fab memories have been created along the way.

We had Nick's parents and my parents too, making the total 8 around the table. Here's a little glimpse of my handiwork, all christmassy red and festive. I am such a perfectionist and everything has to be just right, I think I'd actually get the tape measure out if no-one was watching!
Here we all are.
What a gorgeous bunch we are!
We had roast turkey and roast beef with the usual trimmings. We had three courses followed by cheese and biscuits and each course was washed down with copious amounts of fizz. Hic!

BUT, why does cooking the bird and the trimmings always get everyone in such a tiswas? I mean really it is quite like a glorified Sunday roast with a few extras thrown in isn't it? Housewives rush around the kitchen with lists of timings for this and timings for that, (got to all come together at the same time), knife in one hand, the obligatory glass of something in the other, something blaring out on the TV and everyone around scoffing chocs at 9 o'clock in the morning!!!!!!!

I do have to say one thing, my husband, Mr Nick Canham was an absolute godsend! It was a full on joint effort in preparing the food and serving it all, but not quite so when it came to clearing up and washing up. He insisted I sit at the table with the family, forcing me to have another glass(he he !) whilst he cleared the whole lot. What a SUPERSTAR. We sat at the table for hours, stuffed to the hilt, belts groaning, buttons popping, but why is it then when you move to the lounge, someone just passes round the tin of chocolates, you get a whiff and you suddenly find room for one, or two! Oh yeah then it time for tea!! Set up the table again.

The day passed without a hitch and was wonderful, my daughters lovely boyfriend Liam also joined us later in the afternoon and we then opened more presents. I was spoilt yet again, Santa had obviously recognised that I had been a very good girl all year!

Here's my little big pile.

I was lucky enough to get all this:- Ojon haircare (my new best friend), chanel goodies, Liz Earle No1 Perfume, which you all must try, it lingers like forever, also Liz Earle eyebright and fresh supply of muslin cloths, sensationail gel kit, my faithful Lancome definicils mascara set, beautiful candles, YSL touche eclat, champagne chocs, yum, cocktail shaker and cocktail glasses, champagne gift set, the softest pj's, huge food hamper, and last but not least the latest book by Lindsey kelk, from the 'I Heart' series, I have read everyone of them and Lindsey totally makes me laugh and brightens up my day with the adventures of Angela. Click the links to take to you to the items you too need!

Didn't I do well?
Champagne cocktails to finish (taken from Rosie Londoner's blog post) then off to bed to do it all again on Boxing day, this time spent at my wonderful parents house along with my sis, Claire, her husband Des and their three adorable kids, Adam, Josh and Ella. We all love spending time with them, they make us laugh and Ella, who is just two, is such an entertainer and kept us entertained all day (and night) long.

I'd love to hear some snippets about your day, so please leave a comment on how it did, or didn't go! 


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