A strange Sunday stroll

Mr C and I share a love for walking. Only little-ish walks mind, fairly local at the moment but that is going to change this year so Mr C tells me. He has plans for walks in the Peak district, he's researching info on new coats, walking boots, waterproofs, the lot! With this being my year of first's I'm up for it, just when the weather gets a little better. I'm a fair weather walker!

Last Sunday it was cold but the sun was out so we grabbed coats and gloves (and cotton wool as I get earache from the wind) and headed out into the centre of our village.

In the middle of the village there is a working quarry. You can't see it, it's tucked away and the only time you remember it's there is when you feel the blast vibrate a little through the house at 12.30 every day. Last year they put in a footpath around the top of the quarry which apparently has great views so we wanted to check it out ourselves.
We followed a footpath through countryside we'd never visited before, rather muddy in parts though thanks to all the rain lately.
After battling with the slushy mud, and climbing over styles (as ladylike as possible) we found ourselves at the start of the new quarry footpath. 
This stone represents a quarry worker from years gone by and signifies the highest point of the walk with 360 degree views.
After walking for only a short while we found ourselves right at the quarry! No I'll rephrase that, actually in the quarry. I was panicking thinking we had taken a wrong turn and wandered off the footpath and we were about to be run down by a massive truck any second! But no, we were definitely on the footpath and Oh. My. Goodness it goes straight through the working quarry. It was in full flow even on Sunday and we had to cross right where the huge lorries carrying the stone passed in front of us. The were signs around saying 'beware of pedestrians!!! We had to press a button on what looked a bit like a pedestrian crossing and had to wait for the green light to tell it was safe to cross. 
As I said, right through the quarry!!!
Bizarre, but interesting and something we certainly didn't expect. 
After coming to the end of the quarry footpath we continued on our walk but we were loosing the sun and it was getting a tad cold.
We ended up somewhere near the turning that takes you down to Swithland Reservoir, but I wanted to head home to the warm, as my little piggies were freezing. (hmm...think I do need better walking gear!) I'll do a post on the gorgeous Swithland Reservoir another day. 

Roll on the spring! 


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