Valentines Day

Do you 'do' Valentines Day?

We don't, not really. To be honest I like the idea of the romance side of things, but certainly not the expense side of things.

Quite frankly it's another excuse for the shops to hike up their prices and rip us off and I don't buy into it!

Take bloomin flowers for instance. Those prices are often pushed up to at least three times, if not more from their regular price. I have always insisted that Mr C does NOT buy me any flowers for Valentine's and spend a fortune. It's the thought that counts so I would be more than happy to receive them a day or two after the event, when they are back to the more affordable price.

It's not that I'm stingy at all, my husband may disagree, but I just will not be ripped off.

We used to send cards (perhaps a little gift or two when we were younger) but we don't really bother now.

If you're young and in love, hell, even if you're not young and in love, why not ditch the costly items and Do-it-Yourself. It has the same heartfelt meaning, if not more, it's special as you've put thought into it.

DIY ideas to get ya thinking.

~Make him/her a beautiful handmade card.
~Decorate the bedroom with some bunting from coloured papers and make some little love notes.
~Bake some heart shaped goodies.
~Find a yummy recipe, cook, (don't go out for a fancy meal) light the candles and let the romance begin.
Images courtesy of Pinterest.

Most of all if Valentine's Day is your thang make the time for these little things, then the rest will follow, if you get my drift!!!!!!!!

What ideas do you have? Only the ones we can publish please!


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