Things I've Loved This Week.

I've not had too much going on this week but here's a glimpse of the little things that have made me happy.

~Daffodils. Just look at them......c'mon how could they not make you happy?

~My new little succulent from, yes you guessed correctly, Ikea! I don't have green fingers though and after a while most of my house plants turn a funny brown colour, don't know why? So I can't promise how long this little fella will last! He currently resides in my hallway where there's not much light but I do say bye to him everytime I leave the house so surely that will keep him going. Fingers crossed everyone. 

~Meeting my beautiful new niece, Pippa. She's so scrumptious I could eat her all up! 
See what I mean?

~Making and eating my yummy Baileys cheesecake (recipe post to follow).

~Snuggling on the sofa with Mr C watching Les Mis, sipping on some fizz and scoffing popcorn, all whilst mopping up the tears!

~Meeting my mum and my two Aunties for coffee. It's been a while and was lovely to catch up. The sun was out and the shades were on. Oh how it's instantly makes you feel better.
It wasn't that cold so I went out in what I refer to as my teddy bear jacket from H&M, so furry, I was stroking it all day, weirdo alert!!!!!!

~We had friends over at the weekend and we cooked Chinese. However I use that  term loosely as on this occasion my 'Uncle Ben' gave me a massive helping hand, wink wink! It was oh so nice. We had sweet chilli chicken, cantonese chicken and lemon chicken, with rice, noodles and curry sauce. Mmmm, it actually tasted like we'd just ordered it all from the local chinky! No actual photos were taken due to a glass stuck to my hand all night. Strange that.
Who knew these jars could hold so much flavour???? Ok so let's not think about all the additives etc etc they have in them, I'm just remembering right now how yummy they were.

~Chilling with toastie toes on Sunday morning.

 ~Taking a muddy countryside stroll in the sunshine. I will be doing a separate post on this as it was quite an unusual walk.

Well that's it for this week folks so thanks for tuning in and see y'all very soon.

Ooh ooh..just had to rush back to add that I managed to get tickets to see Lady Gaga in October, that certainly made me happy.


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