Museum Day

This Sunday we joined friends and spent it visiting some of the great museums in our city. This was museum day take two, as last year in January we did part one where we went to the New Walk Museum, lunch and then the Newark House Museum.

This is a big one with lots of photos so make yourself comfortable! Only a little reading matter.

This time our day started off with the Abbey Pumping Station museum which is situated right next to the National Space Centre.
The station pumped sewage (nice!) up until 1964.
Think we were gazing up at the Space Centre!!!!
The 'big' kids headed straight for the trains in kids corner!
Me inside a victorian sewer pipe. It was clean, I think.
My mode of transport for the day and Liam just had to copy me and bring his penny farthing too! 
How cosy being able to sit in your tin bath in your lounge with your radio blaring away. Where did everyone else go when it was time for your bath?
Hanging out me smalls.
Pee-po again
The pumping station is a museum that is packed with fun bits and pieces for the kids (and adults actually). It has tons of interactive stuff, and a talking toilet of all things!

We then headed off for lunch at Le Bistro Pierre. They have a few restaurants up and down the country.
Selection of our starters
Course Pate and Baked  Baby Camembert
Smoked Haddock Risotto and toasted Brioche with Fricasse of mushrooms
These things were delivered to our table. "I don't like olives" I said. I base this on the fact that not many people I know like them so therefore they must not be very nice.
With this being my year of 'firsts' and all, Sarah insisted I try one, or otherwise how would I know I actually don't like them? True. Sarah popped one in (her and Liam really are the only ones I know that like them) and  I tried a little bit of a green one. Big fat YUK! Disgusting. How anyone enjoys them I do not know.
Moving on.
Burger Maison and lamb with pearl couscous
Boeuf Braise
Bucket of pomme frites and cider...what a combination Liam.

Someone enjoyed theirs! Actually all of our plates were like that.
On to dessert, quite a few had the Gateau Au Miel. Sticky honey pudding with ginger ice cream.
Creme Brulee-flavour of the day was coffee.
Our bellies were full, our thirsts quenched (bit too much quenching on mine and Sarah's part) and we wanted nothing more than a little snooze but we were on a mission.

On to the Guildhall Museum.

This is a shot of Leicester Cathedral, the top half anyway. Its sits next to the Guildhall.
The Guildhall is a timber framed building dating back 600 years and was used for many different things including a meeting place for the Guild Of Corpus Christi, a library, Mayors parlour, court room and jury room to name but a few.

The Guildhall now hosts the Richard III exhibition after his remains were found buried under a public car park in our city.
We tried to lock Liam in a chest and leave him behind (not really, so don't worry about him, he did come home with us)
I genuinely enjoy going to museums. I feel this urge to touch everything. The walls. The doors. I look like some weirdo just standing there stroking a door, staring at it, but I can't explain it to you, it really makes me feel the history, if that makes any sense? 

After I'd had enough staring and stroking we went to the Jewry Wall Museum. The last one of the day.
A fabulous display of Roman archeology, public baths and artifacts.
I want to stroke this mosaic but I can't. I'm obviously very engrossed in it.
There I go again trying to 'get a feel' for the artifacts through the glass! I do find everything sooo fascinating.
OOOhh... this would have been so easy to walk on and really get a feel for the romans.....I resisted!!

The end of our lovely day.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of a few of our museums. It's such a shame I wasn't blogging when we did part one. The New Walk museum has dinosaurs, mummy's, mummified cats and dogs and all sorts! Never mind, I'll have to visit again and take you with me!

Do you love museums or perhaps you've been to the ones in Leiceser? I'd be really interested to hear from you.


  1. oh steph you do make me laugh.. we have done the pumping station and new walk recently.. fascinating. And... I LOVE olives he he he xx

  2. The pumping station is good fun. Museums are a great day out for all. And....you can have all the olives in the whole wide world.......yukkidy yuk!x


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