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I know this post is a day or two late but I had a busy weekend and just didn't have the time to sit at my laptop.

My week didn't start off too great. I had to go back to work after a week off for a start off, booooo......

Had another hospital appointment, another big boo, and may need surgery on my shoulder. It may also be related to my arthritis and was very upset to hear I may need another op but I know I cannot go on with this pain.

The week went by very quickly actually, yippee! I was looking forward to Friday night as I went out with some of the girlies I work with. We don't work in the same office and don't get the opportunity to chat at work so a good catch up with food and alcohol was very much needed.

We went to a Beefeater restaurant. Ok, so not you're top notch restaurant but the food was lovely.

I had the Paprika chicken with spicy chips and salad.
I really must invest in another phone that has a decent camera!

Saturday afternoon, whilst the other half was at football I was invited to go to the National Space Centre. I'd never been before so was really looking forward to it.
I had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours there but it was kinda cut short, the event was on until 9.30pm but I had to leave early as I had a 50th birthday bash to attend that night also! I will do a separate post with piccies on the Space Centre. 

After the speediest outfit change and make-up refresh I think I've ever managed, although I did have everything planned and ready to go, we were out the door. 

It was my sister-in-laws 50th and Robbie Williams was dropping by. I've attached a couple of my brief videos from You Tube.
He was quite a decent tribute act.

A quick peck on the cheek for the father-in-law and Grandad on arrival then off to eat and dance! 
Mid morning on Sunday we took a trip to GO Outdoors to help friends kit out their daughter for her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. A costly outing for them!!!!!!

I bought myself a good quality outdoor walking jacket from there because as I've explained before we intend to do lots more walking this year. I bought one by Berghaus. It's 3 in 1 which has the fleece lining. I thought that best value for money as when the weather gets warmer you can take off the outer layer.  If we go with our plan of walking I can see me also needing to get one of those Shewee things!! I've a weak bladder at the best of times and I don't want be squatting in the cold!!!! Anyone tried one?

Mr C also wanted a new good quality coat, also a 3 in 1 but they didn't have his size. He then had a bright idea! "I know a shop in the Peak District that sell them" he said. "Why don't we go right now?" 

So we did!

We left at 3pm and were there for just after 4! Mr C picked up a 3 in 1 North Face coat for himself.

We stopped to take a pic or two on the way and how beautiful is it? I really can't wait to go back there to start off our walking mission.

Just to add confusion into the mix I popped to a North Face store today and picked up a 3 in 1 ladies coat from them also, thinking I could take it home and decide which one I actually prefer. The Berghaus or the North Face? Thing is, I am struggling as they both look good, feel comfortable, I think the North Face looks a teeny bit more feminine but it does not have a foldaway hood like the Berghaus. I like a fold away hood as with long hair a hood on the back just feels uncomfortable for me. The hood on the North Face is detachable so could go in the pocket but it's a bit bulky. I'm sure there's not much between them performance wise but I'm worried I'll make the wrong decision. 
Here is the Berghaus jacket 
and here is the North Face which I got for half price!!!

Can anyone help. Do you have a 3 in 1 from either brand? If so please let me know your thoughts. I would really appreciate some help here. Hey, have you also used a Shewee? Yep, I'd like to hear your thoughts on that too!!!

Can't wait to hear from you guys.


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