And they're orf !!

I've never been horse racing. So, as a birthday treat and this being a year of first's and all, off we went to Nottingham race track.

It was my actual birthday day, by 8am I had been truly spoilt and on top of that the sun was shining! It was a scorcher of a day actually.

I've got to say, I'm no gambler. I do the lottery, when I remember and even when I'm queuing for my milk and bread at the supermarket, with the scratch cards staring at me, I'm not tempted. I can't bear the thought of taking that risk and loosing money, but I would quite like to take the risk and win the money, but that's not gonna happen when I won't take the risk, oh you get the gist.

I don't like Mr C to throw away our hard earned pennies either but this day, my birthday I allowed him a little excitement and indulgence. Mike, our very good friend has always bet on the horses and can often be found in the bookmakers. 

This is he with Mr C.

Me and Sarah studying the form, I know you don't believe me but I really was!
I picked my horse and Mr C put on my bet, wait for it £1 on the winner.
This four legged fella knows how to work the camera!
I didn't take my eyes off them as they sped around the track and as we stood right near the finishing post it was so noisy and exciting watching them hurtle towards us at speed.
Whoohoo....I had a winner. The grand sum of £9 but a win is a win!
Mike had a couple of winners too, but poor old Sarah and Mr C backed second place nearly every race and weren't able to share in our joy. Shame.

Filling my face with my usual dietary choice, crisps and cider. Classy chick me! And then following it with a yummy toffee birthday cake that Sarah and Mike smuggled in for me. 
It was a Thursday when we went but still fairly busy so there was a good atmosphere. 

I'm not sure how you equate loosing money to being fun, but I really did have a fun day out. We were only out of pocket by about £38 so all in all not too bad. Mr C did get rather carried away so it could have been worse I suppose. 

I don't know about form, odds, or furlongs and I'll never be 'into' racing but I'd probably go again as long I can have the sunshine too. 

Ladies day at Ascot is definitely on the cards for next year!

A cheeky stop at the local pub on the way home finished off the day just nicely.



  1. Stephanie Canham14 July 2014 at 05:24

    It was a great day out, something a bit different to be honest. Don't they do lots of horse racing over where you live, or have I got that wrong? x

  2. Yeah they do, they have the Dubai World Cup, quite a big fancy affair (I've never been! lol!) no betting I wouldn't of thought though as that's not allowed here! Camel racings popular too! x x

  3. Stephanie Canham14 July 2014 at 09:58

    Surely Mark has connections to get you there! If not camel racing would be very funny! x

  4. Haha Yes! It is open to the public, but we went to see Katy Perry at the Meydan racecourse one year and it is the most awkward unorganized place ever! Actually every event in Dubai is so unorganized there's complete chaos at the end of the night and just ruins everything! Kind of put off now... There is a camel race course not far from us, I think it is definitely one of those things that 'has' to be done before we leave the sandpit! x x


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