New wedges.....it's the law.

Because summer is here it is law that you have to buy a new pair of wedges for your feet!
Being a good law abiding citizen I went out and bought these but didn't break the bank as they only cost a little £12 would you believe. 
From Primark.
I know, I know, they'll not last and they'll probably only see me through this summer but who cares when they cost so few pennies. I love them and they are THE most comfortable wedges I own. Seriously, I think I could walk for miles in them, well comfortably to the pub anyway on a lazy Saturday afternoon!
They're just the right height (being a short arse I can't have them too low, but not skyscrapers either) and they are a wide fit, perfect combination for my little trotters. 

Get out right now and grab a pair from your local Primarni before they disappear and let me know what you think. Maybe you've already got a pair? Let me know in the disqus comments box at the bottom of the post folks. 


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  1. Stephanie Canham9 June 2014 at 11:04

    Hey Ashley! With you on that one, I don't care either! Now men's shoes are not the prettiest are they??? I love wedges, I need height, I'm a short arse, and they are so comfy aren't they. Thanks for the comment x


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