Spain, just the two of us. (part one)

Right from the off I'm going to tell you this is a big one so I will break it down into three, maybe even four separate posts for you guys, not that you'll get bored and switch off, obviously not, why would you, but there's so much to show you it'll be easier in bite size pieces.

Its been a long time since Mr C and I have been away on a holiday, just the two of us. We normally go with a big group of family and friends. We go away for like the odd night, but not an actual holiday. So off we went to Southern Spain for a week with no-one else in tow, how romantic!

To make it even better we flew out business class with British Airways, la de dah!!! The business class lounge is A-mazing! Every type of breakfast was available (we had to check in at 5am!!), every type of juice you could imagine, wine, yes even that early in the morning, and you just helped yourself to whatever you wanted. Seeing as it was our first time in this lounge we had to have breakfast, and wine, and champagne even though I so was not hungry at that time of the morning.  Mr C helped himself to a glass of rather fancy wine and we'd just sat down to enjoy our delights when a lovely came up to us and asked if we wanted a glass of champagne. I felt like asking her if she knew what time it was and that we weren't alcoholics or anything,(despite Mr C sipping on a large glass of vino) but we didn't want to be rude so politely accepted her offer. 
They're not both mine, honest.
Once we took off the fab service continued. We were offered drinks first, would we like champagne? Oh yes we would, and along came a small bottle for each of us! Then breakfast (again!!!!!), I've never eaten so much in such a small space of time. Mr C had the continental selection, I went for the cooked brekkie. Along with fresh fruit and croissants.
Oooh, proper glasses, proper cutlery, the lot.
We hadn't even finished the first bottle of champagne when the hostess asked if we wanted another, bloody hell give us at least half an hour love, stuffed.com doesn't even cover it!
Arrived at the hotel, very full and feeling a little tipsy!
We headed up to the roof top pool and to check out the views.
First of many selfies!
As you can see it was high and windy up there.
Quick peek inside the hotel.
We quickly unpacked and headed to the beach, yeah baby.
Now, as if we hadn't eaten enough to feed a small country between us on day 1, we decided to go out for a curry that night as well, (not traditional spanish fare I hear you saying) but we love this Indian restaurant so much we thought it would be a good idea. We were full to the brim but walking back to the hotel along the seafront we were tempted by the most amazing, modern, trendy, hip chiringuito we just had to top up with a cocktail. 
Yes, we look tired, we had been up since 4 that morning, but hey, we were on holiday dammit and nothing was gonna stop us!
Oh boy we could not move, the walk back from there was a veeeery slow one, our stomachs dragging on the floor behind us. 

Most of our days were spent on the beach just chilling, eating and drinking. It was so nice only having ourselves to please and not worry about anyone else. Don't get me wrong, we love holidaying with everyone but this was special.

See ya in part two!

ps: none of these photos have been edited in the three posts as quite frankly there are so many I couldn't be bothered. So there. I think they're pretty ok anyway.


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