Malaga City (part one)

Mid week Mr C and I decided to hop on the train and head into Malaga city for the day. The trains over there are great for getting around, fab clean service and amazingly cheap.

We'd been told by a friend that the port had been updated and modernised so we headed there first. It was a hive of activity as there was some sort of school fete going on. We were surrounded by hundreds of excited children holding stalls, attempting to sell their handmade wares, music playing and a great atmosphere. We fought our way through the crowds and then happened upon this little boat in the port!

Took. My. Breath. Away.
Sure you can see why! We were intrigued as to who on earth could own such a beast so we googled it, as you do. And it is owned by the co-founder of Microsoft. Enough said. 
A ma-hoosive ship is not enough so you obviously need a helicopter on top, and another couple of boats attached to the side as well to play with!!!
Please can we come in?
The new area around the port is terrific. So many restaurants, bars and cafes. It was busy in the day but I'm sure the place will really come alive at night.
There is a great mix of old and new and Mr C and I sat people watching for ages.
Then took a walk around the city, stopping in some lovely gardens for a photo opportunity or two.
Wandered back to the port for ice cream. The choice blew my mind!
But was boring and opted for a mix of organic strawberry and vanilla. Mr C had a mix of coffee and profiterole flavour. Different. 
Visited Picasso's birthplace. Wow.
Watched the parrots playing in the square.
Mr C trying to be clever with photography!
Now, when we arrived in the city we bought ourselves tickets for the open top bus tour, where you can hop on and off at your leisure. Well worth it. We did it years ago with the kids and thought twice about it this time, as it's 25 euros each, but if you want to see everything then this is the best way and best value for money, and saves wearing out your legs!

Quick selfie on the top of the bus with earphones for the informative commentary. 
Don't think I wasn't enjoying the bus here, but holy moly it was hot, and I burnt my scalp, hence the jacket over my head like an old granny. You'll see from some of the photos I did actually buy a hat at one of the stops, oh the relief. Damage had already been done though sadly. Stupid or what? If you do ever go on the bus tour, be prepared, take a hat and you've been warned it's bloody hot up there.
There'll be more on our antics and photos from around the city in the next installment so make sure you come  along  for the ride.

Anyone been to Malaga, or even been on the bus looking just like me? Drop me a comment in the box.


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