A little peek into my sunny Sunday

The sun had got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray! So we went out to play. In our garden that is. Mr C was very good and got up early to take Emily to work and then go to the gym for the morning, impressive on a Sunday. I got to have a leisurely crawl out of my pit, not go to the gym, eat breakfast and slob out until Mr c got back. First off we popped to Tesco to grab a few foodie bits but also picked up these retro glasses along the way. Perfect for summer in the garden. I did originally have a pink one (my fave) but found it had a crack in it so had to swop for another yellow, bummer! I will get a pink one.

We then nipped to the local garden centre. I don't like to spend a lot on flowers/plants as they are soooo expensive but do like the odd hanging basket and pot here and there. 
I could lie to you and say some of these beaut flowers are in my garden, but they're not, and you get spots on your tongue if you lie don't you? Not that I'd know!
ahhhh....smell those roses
And here's a crafty shot off me in action in our boring garden. Not looking my best, looks like mid sentence, probably shouting at Mr C for taking the bloody photo and in my sexy gardening gear! Oh dear. Forgive me, it was sunny and I didn't want strap marks and the leggings were for comfort!!!!!!
After that hard work we needed some light refreshment. Mr C had the Peroni, I'm a cider girl.
We finished off the day with a meal al fresco. We love to eat in the garden whenever we can, sadly just don't get enough opportunities. I need to move somewhere warm, no, hot!
What did you get up to on your sunny Sunday? I'm real nosey and would love to hear all about it. 


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