Spain (part two)

Another day, another selfie.

And another beach day of course!
In the local town they have some of the most beautiful looking stores I had ever seen, teasing and tempting you to come in and spend your Euros.
And lots of market stalls selling tons of leather products and gifts to take home. Not that we do that anymore. It's weird but years ago we used to take pressies home for everyone, not sure why we'd spend our hard earned holiday savings on someone else I'm sure, it was just the done thing, you know, the usual spanish bulls, tea towels etc, all nicely gift wrapped. Not any more, my euros are my our own!
Yep, beach day and Mr C obviously found my Glamour mag more interesting than talking to moi! 
So got myself a tinto verano (summer wine) instead.
Followed by a coke and a beer,
Most evenings we would eat and then stroll along the promenade for hours, walking our feet off and soaking up the atmosphere, passing so many families out in the restaurants and beach bars. I love how the spanish families are out till very late, even with their young children, eating, drinking, laughing and living life to the full. Of course it helps that they have the wonderful weather to do so.

After strolling hand in hand along the sea front, *sigh*, we always finished with a night cap of a Baileys and coffee on our balcony.
Don't think I've said before but our little family lived in Spain for a year when the kids were around the ages of 6 and 9 and we did what the Spanish would do. We adopted the Spanish ways, and the children would play out until late at night despite the fact they had school the next day, it was the norm. What an experience is all was and one we will treasure until the end of our days.

This was their school, oh the memories. It was so tough sending them off everyday, looking at their scared little faces, but you know, not once did they say, please don't make me go, even though it must have been so hard for them.
Totally Spanish and in fact Tom was the only English child in his class and the teacher could barely speak English!

This was our house. As you can see it's currently up for sale, I wish!!!!
We loved being here, with so much on our doorstep. 

Blimey, either we've shrunk since our last visit or the plants need to slow down a bit!
We were lucky to have the stunning Paloma Park close by our home and we visited again this trip. Paloma is THE most serene park EVER. It feels as if you're a world away from the beaches and the usual tourist trappings.

The park has numerous walkways, a large children’s playground and a massive lake with lots of turtles!!! It makes a great, free day out for all the family to enjoy the sunshine and a picnic.
Apparently over the years the park has become something of an animal sanctuary, with rabbits, peacocks, goats, ostriches and various other animals just wandering around and they've become increasingly used to all the humans around and most are very tame.

Just look at these little bunnies hopping around.

Well, thats all folks for part two. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you tune into part three. We're off to Malaga City.


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