My new Mulberry baby

You may have seen a sneaky peek that I had a new baby for my birthday earlier this month. Not a live,  fresh, wriggly one but a new handbag kinda baby.
That's what it feels like to me. My new baby. 

Wanna see? A thing of total beauty.

You want to stroke it too, I know you do. 

I opted for the tote as it's roomy and can fit so much in.

There have been no designer clothes or handbags lurking anywhere in my wardrobe, until now that is. Eeek!!!! My salary does not allow me the luxury of such beautiful things and I've dreamt and lusted after a Mulberry bag for oh so long. I saved my pennies and a few months back felt I was ready to make the huge step and buy a little handbag for the price of a small car! Gulp! My daughter will be needing a small car very soon so I've had many a guilt pang.

How did I justify it? 

Please don't think I went into this purchase lightly, I didn't. I ummed and arrd (is that how you spell it?) and changed my mind so many times it was ridiculous. How on earth could I justify spending so much money on one bag? It's an investment. FACT. And I have saved this money just for this moment.  And although this money has not gone on a small car for Emily, she'll end up with the bag, passed down to her, if I ever want to give it up that is, and maybe not until she's about 40, but still. These designer bags never go out of fashion and hold their price, even a 'pre loved' one is very expensive. 

Some husbands would blow a gasket at the thought but Mr C encouraged me all the way, bless him. And I know a lot of you ladies out there understand how I feel on the handbag front.

So, I'd got my heart set on the one I wanted, a Bayswater Tote, and was going to attend a special sale event being held at Fenwicks department store in our town on 18th June. They were offering 20% off which is great. BUT you have to get in the queue and hope they have one left by the time I've elbowed and tripped every Tom, Dick and Harry out of the way! 

However, I've only gone and got myself a better deal. Mr C and I were in our small local town on Tuesday morning of birthday week and passed Wheelers, the luxury gift shop, that I knew sold Mulberry. Mr C noticed they had a sale on and asked if it would be worth a look to see if the bags had been reduced. "Don't be silly, they won't",was my reply but he suggested we just take a look anyway. Bloody hell, I'm glad we did. They had so many bags all safely tucked away in glass cabinets and I never thought for one moment they would have the one I wanted in the sale. They did. There it was staring back at me. I nearly fainted on the spot and even more so when I saw the price. They had not 20% off BUT 30% off and the exact colour I wanted too. It was meant to be. They were making way for the new seasons bags to come in.

That bag had to be mine. Mr C popped out to transfer some funds, I don't know about you but we don't carry that sort of cash around, in fact I never have any sort of cash in my purse at all, ever. I stood guard by it so no-one could touch it or try to snatch it from under my nose!!! "Come to momma" and "please let it be mine" was all I could think. As I was waiting ladies were ringing in to the shop asking if they had this Mulberry bag or that Mulberry bag in the sale. They weren't having mine.

Minutes later I was punching in my pin and it was mine! Phew, didn't have to fight anyone or trip anyone over to get this one, that's kind of a relief you know because I was prepared to do anything, even kill for it if needs be, but no matter now.
Mulberry Bayswater tote
The quality is amazing, you get what you pay for, and I know that is true, so at least I know this one will not fall to pieces like some of the other cheapies I own.
Mulberry Bayswater tote
Mulberry Bayswater tote
Mulberry Bayswater tote
Sorry if you think I'm showing off a little, well actually I'm not sorry, why should I be, I've worked hard to get it, so there!

Some people will think I am off my rocker, but it makes me happy. Other people spend big amounts of money of the most hideous things that don't last. This will last a lifetime.

I love my new baby to bits, I keep stroking it, and smelling it, it's all mine. Mwaahhhh!

A special shout out goes to my love, Mr C for dragging me in there on that Tuesday morning.

Let's see what he thinks about me saving for my next one. How much is a Prada???

Do you have one? Do you want one? How do you get on with your Mulberry and how do you care for it?

I'd love to know your thoughts so if you're in the Mulberry owners club please drop me a comment.



  1. Well Mrs C, you were a very lucky lady on your birthday........x

  2. Come on ladies own up if you have got your own!!

  3. Stephanie Canham14 July 2014 at 05:29

    I'm in love with it Heather but the problem is I'm sooo protective of it at the mo, you know don't want anyone knocking it and worried about getting scratches and scrapes on it but I'm sure that will wear off in time! x

  4. Haha! I'd be exactly the same! Enjoy it, it's a very special bag : ) x x

  5. Just got mine same color as yours but i thought its big size for my 5' height!. i was thinking of returning it! But after reading your blog, it makes me decide to keep it and made the bag so special! lol

    1. Hi. thanks for your lovely comment! I am the same height as you and I love mine. Glad you decided to keep it! Enjoy xx

  6. Oh My God! You are talking my language, you are singing my song, we are reading from the same page, (and any other metaphor we can think of). Its a beautiful baby, congratulations! I too work my butt off, and save my spare cash to be able to treat myself to lovely things. It is such a pleasure isnt it to finally get something you have saved for? I actually feel giddy for you! Enjoy your baby xx

  7. Singing from the same hymn sheet?? Funny though it's not often that I find any spare cash just lingering around so it takes me a while to get what I desire but oh so worth it in the end. I'm still giddy every time I use it. xxx


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