A healthy me?

I so want to be healthy and fit. I really do. It's just that over the last 6 months or more I've seem to have lost all willpower.
You see I've always been able to eat what I want, filling my face over the years with crisps, cakes, sweets anything, and in large quantities, I'll not lie. I've been very fortunate though as I'm of a slim build, petite and not been inclined to put weight on. Bitch, I hear you shout. How the hell is that fair? Well, it's not all good for me you see. My legs are awful. I have bad cellulite and over the last few years my thighs have got bigger and have this horrid wobble to them! My bingo wings flap even though I'm barely moving my arms and yup, I have the jelly belly. Clothes certainly help to hide a multitude of sins.

Early last year I seemed to have found a new me, albeit for a brief spell.  I enjoyed going to the gym and goodness knows how, but I managed to cut right down on my sugar, eat lots of salads and work out no end. That all stopped when the pain in my shoulder got too much and I just couldn't work out. Then surgery on the shoulder happened in April of this year and that was that. Couch potato once more!

I guess what the experts say is true, you are what you eat. When I filled my face with cakes, crisp, sugar and more than my fair share of stodgy carbs I never had much energy, was always tired and very very bloated! But when I had this little health kick up the backside last year I can honestly say I felt great. No, I really did, I'm not just saying that. I felt energised, full of beans, and more alive than ever. My body started to tone up a bit too and wowzer, my cellulite looked a bit better, all that sugar and crap obviously does not do it any good. 

Anyway, here we are today and I seem to have found the elusive willpower once more. Don't ask me how, I really don't know why that something just clicked in my head, it just did. It's  funny but I've been saying to myself over the last few weeks, every Monday, this is it, I'm going to be good, but by Monday teatime I've crashed and burned and been at the biscuits. This time is different, I can feel it inside, all fired up and ready to go! (as long as I can keep my pain under control) 

I've been looking at healthy options for snacks and have a tried a couple recently, thanks to Rosie featuring them over on A Rosie Outlook. You should check out her blog, it's great, it's lots of lifestyle with health and fitness thrown in.

Rosie mentioned these Bounce balls and I just had to try.
Delish!!! OK so they don't look as appetising as a chocolate bar but they really are tasty.
I only bought the one to try and now want more. They're so yummy, can't wait to try the peanut one.

Onto the Nakd bars. I spotted these when doing my local shop the other day, I wasn't out looking for them but they were on a 4 for 3 offer so picked some up to try.
The banana crunch is my favourite so far I think.

I'm not a breakfast fan and generally don't bother at all, sharp intake of breath I hear from you all, the most important meal of the day I hear you cry but for some reason I just can't stomach it first thing, my kids are the same too but this weekend I made a conscious effort. 

This is what I had. 
Granola with dried berries, natural yoghurt topped with fresh raspberries. Glass of fresh orange. 

I really enjoyed it actually, much better that stodgy toast or packet porridge! I didn't eat it until about an hour after I'd gotten up though and I was then ready for it. That will be different when I'm back at work early on Tuesday morning, they'll be no brekkie. 

Ok. I'm going to be totally honest with you lot. I want to be healthy but find it so expensive to do so, do you? If it was just me, no problem, but when you are a family of four, with two teenagers, who see these healthy things and then want them themselves, it all becomes too costly and I just can't do it. The snacks are not cheap so I can't get them for us all, which is such a damn shame. Why is it not cheap to eat healthy? I think I may write a post on this and ask for everyones tips on how they do it. 

So, for now the lovely snacks will be for every now and then and I'll be cutting back out all the nasties and seeing how I go. I will keep you updated with my progress along the way don't worry, hopefully it will motivate me more if I know you lot are all watching me! 



  1. Good for you! I'm trying to cut back too. It's so hard, but I find if we haven't got any treats in the house it's easier not to binge! Just trying to include more exercise into my day. Did Rosie's workout this morning! (thank you so much for pointing me over to her blog!) and I'm going for a walk after my tea tonight. Little changes they say! Good luck lovely, I'll be keeping an eye on you! ; ) Haha x x

  2. Stephanie Canham22 July 2014 at 11:51

    Me and you obviously have a biscuit problem but I won't tell if you won't? Not having naughties in our house is hard when you have kids, you've gotta feed the something nice every now and then so it soooo hard to resist. BUT I have the power, well today anyway, giving no guarantees for tomorrow, he he he he !! I'm very aware of your beedy eyes and everyone else's, talk about pressure! x


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