Day tripping

We visited York many years ago, so when my work place sent round the email about a day trip to historic York on a bus we were so up for it.

I apologise for another picture heavy post but I wanna show you guys.

We decided upon arrival to get in a walk around the city walls just incase the weather man decided to throw a bit of rain into the mix.
As we started our stroll we happened upon a group of people with a tour guide just starting off around the walls so we tagged on the end! Don't you go thinking we were pulling a fast one, he invited us along I'll have you know, we didn't just cling on!
There we are soaking up all his knowledge. Why is when you're at school you have no interest in history whatsoever but now I can't get enough of it and find it all jolly fascinating!
As well as the city walls he took us around other points of interest and was really informative and funny and I'm so glad we went along for the ride.
We went to so many different places I can't remember the names of them all, and I didn't take notes, bad blogger. Soooory!
Which way now?
We thanked our lovely guide, crossed his palm with some silver and went merrily on our way to have a mooch around the Shambles. I can remember he said that this street, with the buildings so close together used to be just full of butchers shops with all their wares hanging outside, eugh, imagine the stench from that!
We had the obligatory pit stop for tea and cake.
Tea supped and batteries recharged off we went to the Minster.
I hope you don't mind all the churchie, architecture piccies in my posts but how can you not when it's stunning. I find myself standing and staring for ages at these buildings in awe and wondering how on earth they managed to build these things way back then.
We popped our noses inside the doors of the Minster but didn't pay to go in I'm afraid, as at £10 per person we thought it too costly. We did get a few snaps from inside the foyer though.
Towards the end of the day and after checking out points of interest we meandered through the main part of the town and were delighted to find they were holding a ginormous food festival, with stalls aplenty! 

Fudge anyone? How would you choose?
After starting the day with sausages cobs, we then went on to a pub lunch, tea and cake, sweets and cider but I still had room for one of these before we got back on the coach.........

.......Only one was mine, I was licking after, I mean looking after Mr C's whilst he paid the man in the van! Yum.


I want to have a proper look around the shops when we have more time and a stop over in a hotel would do a treat if you're reading this Mr C.

Have you been? Love it as much as me? Tell me, tell me.



  1. York looks stunning! I want to go asap! Oh and that fudge, yum!!! I think we would of gone home with bag fulls! Great pics! H x x


  2. Stephanie Canham14 July 2014 at 05:22

    Thank you as always. I desperately want to go back asap. Think it will be quite pretty around Christmas time so who knows? xx


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