A little homely post

As I haven't done a home style post for some time I thought I'd bring you a little one today because even small space deserve some attention right?

The downstairs loo.

Ours is quite a small one, with a low-ish ceiling so it's a good job none of us are blessed in the height department. I think it was built for hobbits and I'm forever yelling to tall people, mind ya head!

For quite some time it was just a boring, dull, blank space and I wasn't quite sure what to do to jazz it up. I didn't want to cram the tiny space full of bits and pieces but wanted something to bring it to life a little. 

I'm very much into the colour green at the mo and we've painted a feature wall in the lounge a lovely shade of it. So, as I'm very much into co-ordinating too and as we had a little bit left over, I had a brainwave to paint the back wall in the WC the same shade of green. Now, just to let you all know we rent this house at the mo but we are lucky and our landlord is happy for us to paint some feature walls, let's face it they're easy to paint back to a neutral colour in a flash aren't they?

Et voila!
The shade of green does look a little yukky on these photos which is a shame, but it is a gorgeous olive shade, not quite as dark as it looks here, it's much brighter in real life. I added a glass shelf, a white buddha, candle and reed diffuser, small bright picture and a new mirror.
The reed diffuser is Elemis (of course) and is half price at the moment here. It smells heavenly and covers those odours we don't want lingering around!

The buddha is from The Range here. Bargain. The candle is from Ikea.

We all know there are rules in the toilet so just to be clear here they are. 
I also added a new light fitting. This is such a cheap mini crystal-esque chandelier, how grand does that sound. It was a Wilkinson's bargain, I think it was £10. I tried to link it but they don't have them on line now although I think they're still available in store. It has such an effect on the room. When you shut the door all the strands move and dance on the ceiling, It looks like water shimmering on a swimming pool and it mesmerises me every time I go in. (excuse the artex ceiling!) I've come to realise that changing a light fitting makes all the difference to any room and they don't have to be fancy pants and expensive to do a great job.
The mirror is the Tranby from Ikea at just £11. Get it here.
If a toilet can be cosy, then this one is. I love it. By painting a wall and adding a few new (and low cost) accessories it has totally transformed this little space. I've only painted the wall as you walk in green and left the others white. I'm quite liking this interior design thingy so I may even give you some more home style posts in the future. 

Have you given a little space a makeover recently, be it a WC, pokey hole under the stairs or even a garden shed, I'd love to hear all about please and then I can pinch your ideas!!!!!!!!



  1. Loved this post. I have a tiny, under the stairs loo as well and its just bland and uninspiring. This post has really inspired me to give it a makeover!

    Absolutely gorgeous - the dress and the shots! I love it, so classy and summery. What a great bargain. xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk

    1. Thank you. Glad it's given you a little inspiration! xx


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