Ladies European Golf day

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Ladies European Tour British Masters through Mr C's work the other weekend.

Mr C loves golf. I don't play. YET. I want to learn but I've got to get my shoulder better first. Damn you arthritis!

This was my first experience of watching a match live, and Mr C thought I might get a little bored but to be honest I was hooked and enjoyed every minute. I think it may have helped that we also had corporate hospitality!!!! Oh and sunshine. Perhaps wouldn't be quite the same in the rain?

We got there around 9.15 (VIP parking), some of the golfers were already out and the course looked stunning in the early morning sun. We headed straight to the clubhouse for breakfast although I have to apologise we didn't get many pictures of the food, we just gobbled it down so we could get back outside!
Mr C had eggs benedict and  I had scrambled with plenty of coffee to wake us up. We could have had anything we wanted but thought it best to leave the champers for at least another half hour, he he.

The fabulous clubhouse at The Buckinghamshire Golf Club. We sat right where the pillars are and it was a bit surreal as all the golfers were coming and going and we felt like right VIP's as the general public were trying to get a nosey at us all. Well, probably not us but it felt good!
We followed some of the golfers around the course.
Worked up a sweat, then downed some champers. Cheers!
Watched a bit more, then headed in for lunch. 
Mr C and I had the slow roasted tomato, mozzarella and basil salad to start, I then had chicken supreme which was so delicious and Mr C had lamb. Again forgot to get many snaps here as were too occupied filling our faces and totally forgot to get a picture of the yummy desserts. To be honest I was still full from breakfast but ate up all three courses like a good girl.
After so much food and alcohol I could barely get my arse off my chair, I know I was into the golf but a quick nap wouldn't have gone amiss at this point. But, exercise it was, so off around the course we went again for the rest of the afternoon.
Before long our tummies were rumbling (joke) and we realised it was now time for afternoon tea with, you guessed it, more bubbles! How could we not eat this?
I was so full still and the thought of eating through this mountain that sat in front of me made me feel a little nauseous. BUT I am pleased to report that I managed to down a few sarnies, 1 warm scone with jam and clotted cream and two of the truly scrumptious petit fours, washed down with a cup of tea and 1 glass of champagne. Impressed or what?
We stayed until the bitter and watched the presentations. It was live on Sky, did you see me on TV? Never mind. I actually managed to get a photo with the winner, I.K Kim. I was the only one she stopped to have a pic with, she obviously knows quality when she sees it. 
There was a jazz band playing into the evening, but with our bellies full, legs aching, and happy hearts we decided to head off home. I thought I would snooze the whole journey home, as I always do, but I was so full of the day, we chatted all  the way home about how I'm gonna get lessons and whoop Mr C's arse on the course sometime in the future!

Are you a lady golfer? I'd love to hear from you. You can tell me it's easy and I'll pick it up in no time right?



  1. Looks stunning and the food sounds amazing! Right up my street haha! Hubby is from Buckinghamshire, beautiful... We keep saying we're gonna start playing golf (hubs played years ago) but never seem to have time these days, maybe when we retire to Spain! : ) x x

  2. Style At Every Age17 July 2014 at 06:33

    Looks like an amazing day! And well done for getting the picture! x

  3. Stephanie Canham17 July 2014 at 10:55

    It was a fab day and a picture to keep for when I'm a golfer! Thanks for taking the time to comment , it means a lot x

  4. Stephanie Canham17 July 2014 at 10:56

    Well I never, we need to learn then missus and we can see you in Spain and play together!!!x


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