My weekend consisted of........

A wedding.

A work colleague got married on Friday and we were all invited to the evening reception. It was held at a golf club quite local to us and the setting was beautiful. 
In the middle pic below you can just spot the bride and groom in the distance on a photo shoot! I've not put any pics on here of the them or the guests as it's a very personal day, I'm sure you'll understand. 

Our special friends (hope you're reading this Mr and Mrs R) came over on Saturday for our first barbie of the year, hoorah! Can you believe it's our first bbq? Don't know what we've been playing at really, although I guess we've had quite a busy year. 

Chef at work! Excuse his hose in the way there, he he, I was going to crop it but in the end didn't bother cos that's our garden!
Sizzling sausages.
Funny, we all look rather miserable here don't we? Think we were papped as we were chatting about something rather serious and were deep in conversation! 
A trip to Ikea.

We popped to Ikea in Nottingham on Sunday which is always a dangerous thing as my husband will tell you. I was a good girl and only picked up a couple of things. I'll do a seperate little post on my Sunday shopping haul.

A starbucks.

I made this snap extra large so you can get right in and see all the caramel yumminess! Calories, smalories!
An iced caramel frappacino, my absolute favourite, you can't beat it when the sun is shining and the lovely thing is they always remind me of our holiday in Florida a few years back. We got my mum and dad to try them for the first time and they were hooked, with dad ordering the biggest size possible wherever we found a Starbucks!

And a Chinese.

We may have accidentally ordered a chinese takeaway on Sunday night. To be honest we got back from our shopping trip and we were thinking of firing up the bbq again but the clouds looked a bit ominous, I couldn't be bothered to cook so late in the day and besides there was only me and Mr C so it was the best option, right? 

What did your weekend consist of? Hope it was a good one. 


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  1. Sarah Richardson14 July 2014 at 13:39

    The food looks and was gorgeous x thank you both. Lovely to see Tom and Emily. Xx


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