Little things I've loved this week.

I know this is a day late and I had all good intentions of posting this yesterday but my Sunday was hectic.

I just wanted to share with you some little things I've loved this week.

First off, the glorious weather again for the second week running. Oh my, I do love the summer don't you? Everyone does right? Although I can't say I've loved the hot sticky nights. Tossing and turning, sheet on, sheet off!  I've not slept for days.

I've was lucky enough to finish work at around 1.30 last week every day so dashed home to maximise my time outdoors and lap up the sunshine.

Loved being able to sunbathe.

I know, in the UK, in my back garden with my bikini on in scorching temperatures, just had to be done!!!!

Loved pottering in the garden.
Loved the oh so fragrant lavender covered in bees doing their thing.
Loved drinking victorian lemonade from the bottle with pink stripy straws! Thought about taking a snap once I'd drank it all, it doesn't last five minutes, it's just too lovely you see.
Loved how Mr C has been using our garden as a putting green!
Loved being naughty and having a cheeky ice cream (twice!)
Loved picking up mega-bargains for the garden. All from Tesco whilst doing my food shopping!

New home for the birdies £3.
Ornament reduced from £12 to £3 and pretty hanging candle holder now £1.25!
Loved going shopping and bagging some bargains. Two dresses and one top. 

Loved, loved, loved getting my brand new bike. It's got a basket for the back and everything!
Mr C and I enjoy getting out and about on our bikes. Mr C has also ordered a new one which will be delivered very soon he hopes. Our old ones were ok, they did the job, the wheels went round and the brakes stopped me if I pulled hard enough but they were old, and worn out and our new ones have good suspension on them which will certainly help with my shoulder problem. All in aid of our new fitness campaign, onwards and upwards.

Talking of my health and fitness campaign, I have to own up and say we did have a chinese takeaway at the weekend, but it's the weekend it doesn't count, ok? And, before you ask the ice creams were at the weekend too! We cycled all the calories off on Sunday afternoon.

Even though I was at work I had a lovely week and an even lovelier weekend. I think the weather makes everyone so much happier and chilled out, people say hello in the street and some even stop to chat! Long may it continue.

What did your week/end consist off? Lot's of long lazy days relaxing in the sun, with bbq's and lots of ice cream?

I'd love to hear what you got up to.



  1. That lemonade looks lush! I want some lol x x

  2. Stephanie Canham30 July 2014 at 09:19

    It's yummy Heather but it's not cheap so I only allow myself to have it as a treat every now and then x

  3. This Ice Cream! *__*
    Sory, I just read the whole great post, but my mind still concentrated on the ice cream ;-;

    It seems sooo delicious xd

    My Blog:

    I'd be unbelievably thankful if you'd have a look and leave a comment or something :-)

  4. Stephanie Canham31 July 2014 at 12:47

    Thanks for your comment. I've visited your blog and wish you all the very best with it x


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