Models own apple pie

I'm still in love with pastel shades. I know that they were around for the springtime, and even though we're well into the summer season I still think they look great. I don't care about the trends I think it's still great on fingers and toes all summer long. So. There.

I love different nail colours as you can chop and change them when the mood takes you. If you're wearing an outfit that's not all singing all dancing, slap on a couple of coats of something bright and you're good to go.

I've not tried the Models Own range before so picked up their shade in Apple Pie. For me the brush width is just right. I have to admit the product is quite thin on application and does leave some unsightly brush marks on the first coat but with a second coat it looks good and as you can see from the bottle top it's fragranced. Mmmm, and it really does smell like it, and when you lick your fingers you can taste it. Just don't sit there licking at your nails all day! I haven't adjusted this photo in any way, this is the true shade. You can see it still looks a tad grainy so you may want to add  third coat. Maybe.

I sit typing on a keyboard everyday and my nail colours, even pricey top of the range ones tend to chip very easily. I was surprised to find this one lasted without a chip in sight for a good four days! Result. 

If you want to accessorise further still how about this cross body bag from Wallis at just £16. Oooh hold on, now reduced to £12.80!!!!
Which Models own shade to try next? What's your favourite?

Has anyone tried their gel range yet? If so, pop your verdict in the comments box. Ta. 


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