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If you read my blog you will now know that I am deeply in love with everything Elemis and I am in seventh heaven when QVC have an Elemis TSV, even better when it's on easy pay. That means I can order in multiples!!!

This time I doubled up. I may say to you from time to time that this one is my favourite, or that one is my favourite but I can honestly say, cross my heart that the items in the above photo truly truly are my everyday go to skincare products. 

For those that haven't read my previous Elemis posts here's a line or two about the items that were delivered this time.

1. Apricot soothing toner

First off remember this ladies - ALWAYS use a toner to maintain the pH level of your skin. When mine was oily I used the Lavender toner, then as it balanced out I switched to the Apricot. I've used the ginseng one as well but right now my skin needs the soothing Apricot. 

2. Pro collagen cleansing balm (only the bloomin large size)

 I use this every night and it removes every trace of make up. The most luxurious cleanser ever. I refer to it as 'my spa in a jar'.

3. Pro Collagen marine Cream 
An amazing moisturiser that's won countless awards, and turned my skin around.

4. Gentle rose exfoliator
Does what it say's on the tin or rather tube. If you don't like a harsh scrub for your face you'll love this one.

Now let's talk Frangipani Monoi shall we? 

I love to soak my skin in the frangipani monoi body oil. It's exquisite, drenches your skin with moisture and leaves behind a heady, but not heavy scent. So......

5. Frangipani monoi shower cream
Love this, it makes the whole bathroom smell amazing as well as me!

Now for the newbie of the bunch!

6. Frangipani body cream

Yikes, we can now take layering to the extreme! Shower, body oil, body cream. Not a dry patch will be left in sight, smooth sexy skin and no perfume needed, this aroma will linger all day.

Look at the frangipani flowers, aren't they beautiful? It was fascinating to hear Keeley talking about how the flowers are soaked in Coprah oil ( I think) to produce the fragrance I love. 
Well Elemis and QVC you've done it again, another great TSV that incorporates a top to toe skincare routine. As a bonus we also got a facecloth and a clear cosmetic bag which will definately come in handy for those plane journeys and toiletries.

If you've heard of Elemis and thinking you'd like to give it a try but can't because it's on the slightly pricier side, please tune into QVC when Keeley from Elemis is on as it's a great way to try (30 day money back guarantee!) and spread the cost at the same time. You won't regret it, Elemis has improved my skin dramatically and is now my lifelong friend. 

Talking of friends, I introduced my friend Sarah to Elemis a few months ago and she's extremely impressed, so much so that she also ordered two of the TSV's at the weekend. Her bank manager won't thank me as she's hooked too.

My dream is to one day go to an Elemis Spa and be pampered to within an inch of my life so if you're listening Elemis, Sarah and I love you!


I'll let you all into a secret as well. There may be a frangipani giveaway coming on my blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!


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  1. Sarah Richardson20 July 2014 at 06:54

    Can't thank you enough for getting me hooked on this fabulous range, I absolutely Love it!!! My skin has improved so much and it's a joy to use. This was most definitely the best TSV Elemis have done to date x x


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