David my World Cup footballer

Isn't he the cutest or what? I've named him David. It doesn't take a genius to work out why.

We are not a household of footie fans but when our son was young we had to go away for a long weekend and spotted David in the duty free store at the airport and having guilty parent syndrome we just had to get something to take back for Tom so he didn't hate us forever. There was something about this little David, with his dangly legs and his spiky, easy style-able hair do, and as Tom didn't know yet that he was not going to fall in love with football, in the basket he went. 

He's sat on the top of Tom's wardrobe ever since, collecting dust year on year and only coming down for a VERY brief spell every four years. 

I was just looking through my Instagram snaps and came across his up and then down shots from the last but one England game against Uruguay. They make me smile so thought I'd share with the world.  

Here is my cheeky chappie posing in his freshly hoovered kit!
Ready with his flag as the team get off the coach. Excitement building. Just look at that hair!
Stressed as Uruguay score their first goal. He didn't speak a word. Just stared.
But then he was jumping for joy and whooping and a hollering as England got one in the net!
Sadly, as we all know it was short lived and there was no consoling him, snotting right into his hanky!
Totally distraught and disgusted, we tried to explain that it's pointless getting your hopes up that one day England will play well do well in the World Cup. We gave up that hope a looong time ago! 

He doesn't even want to stick it out till the end so back on the wardrobe he sits, shoulders slightly slumped counting down to Russia in 2018.

See ya there folks.


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