Soap & Glory body moisturisers (review)

We all know how important it is to slap on moisturiser, especially in these summer months when we have our pins on show all the time, well and our arms and chest too and no-one wants to see dry, flaky skin do they? That's not a good look and does not sit well with our self tan! We want sexy, glossy, smooth skin at least until winter comes and we can hide away again.

I'll hold my hands up and tell you all that I'm a bit slap dash when it comes to applying. I wish I could tell you that I'm one of those people that get up, body brush, shower and then slather myself top to toe every day, twice a day but I'm not. I mean really, who does that?

But I am getting better and it's all down to Soap & Glory. 

These two to be specific. From a fabulous British brand.
I happened to be watching one of Tanya Burr's videos on You Tube, and she mentioned that Butter Yourself was her favourite body lotion, smelled simply amazing and her pot was nearly empty. If it's good enough for Tanya, it's good enough for me, I thought, so I popped a request on to my birthday list and bingo, I got two pots of that and one of another. Go me!


I love anything with a citrus fragrance and this has orange oil in it. Tanya was not wrong when she said this smelt divine. As you'll see from the shot of the lid below it's a Fruitigo fragrance with notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and wait for it, Jungle pomelo essence!!!! Am I really wearing essence from the jungle?? Didn't realise the jungle smelt sooo damn good! It makes me laugh every time I read it, I've no idea what the hell jungle pomelo essence is but I think I like it.  In my mind this one is the ever-so slightly thicker one of the two creams and I find really lifts my spirits when I wear it.
My kids bought me these for my birthday and they were on the 3 for 2 offer (lucky me) so I ended up with Butter Me x 2 and then one of The Righteous. (They're still on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots here.)

THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER (Award winning don't ya know!)

This one has a real fresh fragrance and the smell reminds me of the ocean. We lived in Spain for a while and it conjures up happy memories of that time when we were on the beach late into the evening with a lovely mix of sun cream and sea water all dried onto your skin.
I'm not sure the shot below shows the textures off too well  but the slightly thicker Butter Yourself is on the left and The Righteous is just starting to slip down my hand on the right. The Righteous Butter has a new dynamic moisture trap matrix to help hold in hydration longer so they say, but to be honest they both do a great job of providing prolonged moisture. They both have shea butter and lots of other skin nourishing goodies and my skin does feel wonderfully hydrated and soft. And the smells, oh if only we could provide scratch and sniff photos! How cool would that be? Hurry up technology please. It's funny because when I wear either of these I don't feel I need to wear any perfume, especially when I use The Righteous, that fragrance is stronger and lingers on the skin a lot longer. When I wear it for work and I move around the heavenly scent wafts up my nostrils all day and daft as it sounds it really does make me feel a whole lot better whilst I'm at work, kinda puts me in a better frame of mind and mood, and boy it's got it's work cut out some days. Is it weird to sit sniffing at your own skin all day? Who knew a body cream could have mood enhancing powers? Management should insist all staff wear it on a daily basis me thinks. I've thoughts running through my head now of lots of lovely shiny happy people. Nah. Not powerful enough!

We were out for the evening a few weeks ago and my daughter Emily, who also has a small pot of The Righteous Butter had used it after a shower. She was sitting in the office upstairs and you could smell it the minute we opened the front door! So not only had it made her smell nice but the whole house too. Bonus. 
If you prefer a lotion then these creams are perhaps not for you. I will add that in this blissfully hot weather that we've been oh so lucky to have lately, I do find it a little heavy for the weekends! That may well sound odd to you but when I'm sitting out in the sun, you know chilling, supping on grape juice and socialising, because that's a must in this weather, it tends to become a tad greasy and slippery so for now, just for now, I'm sticking to using it on week days and before I hop into bed.

I have fallen deeply in love with these two and most days it becomes an eaney, meaney, miney, mo situation because I just can't choose, although Butter Yourself is edging slightly ahead on the emptiness stakes,  hmmm unless someone is sneaking in there when my back is turned?

So, if you're bored and lost that loving feeling as it says on the tin then try The Righteous or if you fancy some jungle essence go ahead and Butter Yourself.  Oh what the hell, get both.

Anyone else in love with these? Oh and if you know what jungle pomelo essence is share with me.



  1. Love The Righteous Butter! It's one of my faves, can get it here, but a little pricey lol. Butter Yourself sounds gorge, think I'm gonna stock up next time I'm passing through the UK! x x

  2. Stephanie Canham30 July 2014 at 09:16

    It's so good isn't it? Think I will get addicted! Great that you can get it overseas, it's around the £10 mark here so not a budget cream but a little most definitely goes a long way! x


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